Tawk.to Free live chat application for your site

Live chat is one of the most wanted feature for every site, its customer friendly feature in which a customer asks queries regarding the service offered by the company and gets real time reply from the service team. Its the feature that made developers earn lacs, But today everything has changed, if a company has to market its business , they should be ready to offer free services first, that's what tawk.to is doing now.


Tawk.to : Free Live Chat Application

Tawk.to is a free messaging app that lets you to chat with your customers in real time on your website for free.

  • Tawk.to application uses JavaScript and may slow down your site by milliseconds.
  • The application is very easy to set up, upon logging in, you just have to copy a JavaScript code and paste it in your website and the live chat application is ready to use.
  • As an admin, you can also track your team's chat history,  and review analytics.
  • If no member of the service team is live, the application acts as a contact form.
For WordPress users Tawk WordPress plugin

Is Taw.to completely free? 

Yes it's completely free, you can add any number of agents and chat with any number of customer in real time without ads, however there is a paid plan too

Remove branding in Tawk.to

How to remove powered by tawk.to?

If you want to remove their branding, i.e "powered by tawk.to" shown at the bottom of the application you should pay them, here are the details.

Price: 9$/month paid annually or 15$ per month paid monthly.

  • Remove/ customize branding on the application
  • Remove/customize branding on ticket emails
  • Set up custom support email address and converse with your visitors via email.

Hiring chat Agents

You can hire agents to chat with your customers at just 1$/hour.

  • 24/7 support
  • Native speakers
  • No bots

Is it worth paying for the application?

Definitely yes, if you hire developers to do the same, they will charge you anywhere around 50 thousand rupees, you can buy the premium version for 10 years for the same price.

Features of the Tawk.to

Features of tawk.to application
Features of tawk.to

  • Customer can upload files
  • Support emojis
  • User can also send an email
  • Fully customizable
Demo: Best reviews

Here is a screenshot from admin end

Admin panel of tawk.to application
Admin panel

Engage more with your customers and make your site successful. :)


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