Top 5 push notifications provider reviewed

Hello blogger!! Today we're going to review the best push notification providers for websites and blogs.

Reaching more and more fans are our primary goal, though there are other platforms like mail subscriptions, social media Pages, Push notifications is the winner when it comes to reaching maximum customers here's why

Browser push notifications

  • Instant reach, push notifications can reach the customers instantly if they're online this is very useful incase if the post is crucial to the customer eg: job sites
  • High click through rates since notifications reaches customers real time.
  • Emails click through rate is usually less than 5% as customers find hell lot of spam mails in their accounts
  • Social media reach is low because of large number of pages and groups

Ok push notifications are vital to any site, so which is the best site that provides push notifications to your blog or website? we've reviewed most popular and best push notifications providers.

5 Major Push Notifications Providers

Trusted customers

  • 91 mobiles
  • Unicef
  • Hcl
  • Ahrefs
  • Lenovo


  1. Free plan
  • Upto 500 subscribers,Unlimited notifications,Https support,One click unsubscribe,RSS push,Api access,Segmentation, Desktop support only
 2. Premium
  • 25$ per month for 2k subscribers  to 250$ per month for 50k subscribers
  • Mobile support, scheduled notifications
 3. Business plan

  • 75$  per month for 2k subscribers to 750$ per month for 50k subscribers
  • Custom branding, import and export data, priority support, 3 websites, 5 users, custom sub domain, notifications expiry, double cta buttons, hero image
For more than 50k subscribers, you can contact the pushcrew team to quote a price both in premium and business plans

4. Enterprise/ Agency

  • Notifications strategist, Integration engineer, unlimited websites, unlimited users, Welcome drip campaign
  • You should contact pushcrew team to quote a price


  • Costly
  • Less reach

Drawbacks of free version

  • No mobile  version support
  • Pushcrew branding in every notification
What we liked
  • Support for all platforms including WordPress, blogger and joomla


Push engage

Trusted customers



     1. Free plan
  • 2500 Active subscribers, 120 notifications a month, Mobile and Desktop notifications. Firefox, chrome and safari support, Multi language support, Welcome notification, Scheduled notifications, Https support, email support, Detailed analytics.
    2.  Pro plan
  • 29$ per month if paid monthly and 25$ per month if paid annually
  • 10,000 subscribers, 2 sites, Unlimited notifications, Multi action notification.
    3. Business plan
  • 49$ per month if paid monthly and 42$ per month if paid annually.
  • 50,000 Subscribers, Upto 3 sites, Upto 2 users, Push notification consultant, Custom branding and custom sub domain integration.
   4. Large business plan
  • 99$ per month if paid monthly and 84$ per month if paid annually.
  • 1,50,000 subscribers, Upto 5 sites and upto 5 users, Drip autoresponder, Phone support.
  5. Enterprise edition
  • Unlimited subsrcibers, Upto 25 sites, Unlimited users, Unlimited segments
  • You shall quote a price by contacting pushengage team.


  • Implementation for https sites is difficult and not possible in some platforms like blogger
  • Costly
  • Custom Branding not available for Pro plan 
What we liked
  • Support
  • Multi action notifications
  • Emoji support
  • Good reach 

Foxpush has over 10 million subscribers, Firefox not only supports firefox,chrome,safari but also opera and android.

Fox push was founded in february 2016, and has no popular site using its service.


   1. Free plan

  • Upto 50,000 subscribers, upto 15 lac notifications per month, Supports chrome firefox and safari, Welcome push notifications, Mobile and tablet version notifications, Multilanguage support, Feedback survey and email support
  2. Premium plan

  • 49$ Per month.
  • Upto 1,00,000 subscribers, Unlimited notifications, upto 5 websites, Branding removal, Scheduled notifications, Rss to push, Geo targeting, Device targetting, emoji support, Phone support
  3. Business plan
  • 199$ Per month.
  • Starts from 2,00,000 subscribers, Unlimited websites, customized segmentation, Advanced reporting, city targetting, ISP targetting, internet speed targetting


  • No word on wordpress support
  • No social media to push support
What we liked
  • Supports blogger blogs flawlessly
  • Reach is good
Supports all major browsers like Google chrome, apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Pushify is a new site, so no popular website is using its service.

Pushify WordPress plugin


  1. Free plan
  • Unlimited subscribers, unlimited push notifications, unlimited websites, unlimited categories, free social business page, inbox, all languages pushes are supported, geo targeting, free WordPress and joomla plugins, scheduled notifications, mobile notifications, Rss to push, Facebook to push and Twitter to push.
      2. Enterprise edition
  • Custom branding, retargetting module, remove subscribers, mobile number verified subscribers, Facebook to push, RSS to push, Twitter to push (multi).
  • You should contact the pushify team to quote a price.
What we liked
  • All features for absolutely free of cost!!!
  • Support


  • There are quite a few bugs both in site as well as code detection
  • WordPress plugin is not pretty good
 Please note that the default category code doesn't work properly, you need to add a category to get new code that works.
You can visit faq section of their site to know more

Trusted customers

  • Uber
  • Adobe
  • Cisco
  • Zynga
  • Miniclip


   1. Free plan
  • Unlimited subscribers, unlimited notifications, Localization, Unlimited segments, Scheduled delivery, Analytics, A/B testing, Import and export the data
  • It supports even android apps and ios apps
  2. Premium plan
  • You should contact onesignal team for price and features.


  • Does not support Sub domain blogs like
  • They use the data
What we liked?
  • Android apps, ios apps and all browser support, all for free!!
  • Features one can't give for free


If you are okay with data usage by 3rd party and your site is not a sub domain site, you want to add notifications to apps and sites, then one signal is the best option

If you are using subdomain site or normal site, you are okay with few bugs, then pushify is the best.

If you are okay without social media to push support, if you crucially need opera browser support, your site is not built on WordPress, okay with Limited subscribers or ready to pay few bucks then foxpush is best.

If you are ready to exchange money for best services then pushengage is the best option.

Which one are you using?

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  2. This is great. Thanks for breaking it down and including which platforms are compatible with WP

  3. Hello, thanks for sharing this valuable resource, I've saved :)

  4. Hi varun, yes onesignal support sub domain blogs, but there's limit on number of characters in url which is a drawback, and yes it is unlimited subscribers, I'll be writing detailed post on ideas to improve notifications subscribers, please don't include hyperlinks in comments, we don't support it, thank you

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  7. It should be noted that with FOXPUSH you cannot export your subscriber list and if you want to move to another service they will hold your Firebase API key and ownership hostage and not grant you access.

    After many issues with their platform (website down, very slow to issue alerts, alerts not sent to everyone, incorrect alerts sent from previous campaign, etc.) we had enough and decided to move to another service. After contacting them through both their live chat support and also their support ticket system, they told use they would fix all the issues.

    After another month, all the same issues remained. We then made the decision to move to another service. We contacted FoxPush and requested our Firebase API key... no response. Again and again we have contacted them requesting it, but no response.

    Basically they are holding our API key hostage.

    We have since filed complaints with both Google Firebase and also the ACCC (Australian regulators) so hopefully they will be stopped from carrying out these sort of "blackmail" type business practices soon.

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