4 Most Underrated SEO Techniques ever


SEO is difficult!! Not always Here are the most underrated Simple SEO techniques that can drastically boost your business

Underrated SEO techniques

Backlinks to Apps

App queries have very high volume in search engines, but people forget search engine optimization for the app page, Resulting in losing high intent traffic.

Why search engine optimize App pages on playstore?

  • Google prioritizes App pages than other pages for App related keywords.
  • Helps to rank better within Playstore ( Helps in ASO)
  • Helps to rank for related app queries
  • Very high intent traffic from search engines with about 15-40% Install ratio for first position ( Depends on number of ads)

How to do SEO for Apps in Playstore

  • Do follow backlinks
  • No follow backlinks with good CTR
  • Keyword rich App page
  • Higher CTA short description
  • Maintaining good visit to download ratio

Links in Footer/sidebars

The most underrated part of website is the footer section.

Why links in footer/sidebar section of website

  • Interlinking: Footers are constant for all pages, so the links present in Footer section of website highly Influences SEO. Google understands priority of pages according to number of internal links it has. So Including best articles in footer/sidebar section of website is best way to tell Google that these are best pages on website and should be prioritized for SEO.
  • Users: User expects to see Certain links in footer section of website. This includes Contact us, Careers and main pages of website.
Number of Interlinks can be seen in Google search console

Google search console> Search traffic> Internal links

Search console internal links

Giving backlinks

Giving away high quality backlinks is essential for SEO. Even blogs like Neil patel, Kissmetrics follows this technique to maintain SEO rankings.

Here's a detailed guide on How giving backlinks can influence SEO.

But be sure of which website your site is giving Backlink for, Preferred sites are

  • Wikipedia- When included a person, Event or process that cannot be explained within the article as it goes out of context or because content is too long.
  • Popular sites/ Blogs- From which a concept, idea, Infographics or content which is published in your site is inspired/taken from.
  • New blogs: Appreciating new, unique and well written articles can help Google identify new potential blog articles. Google in turn gives high credibility to your site. But giving do follow links to bad sites negatively affects your site SEO.

The sites for which you shouldn't give backlinks are
  • Direct competitors: Why would anyone help their competitors? Its a sin and should not be done at any cost. But giving backlinks to blogs of sites which are not direct competitors is considered good.
  • Websites: Unless you're writing sponsored post or mentioning Popular brand name ib the article. It's always preferred to give backlinks to blogs over domains when you're giving it for free. According to Recent Google algorithm update, giving backlinks to websites with keywords as anchor text is against Google policies and Google may penalize your website for it

Embedding videos

Embedding YouTube videos is one of high level SEO strategy to increase user engagement, reduce bounce rate and increase dwell time. This technique can improve SEO because of higher user engagement, This strategy is very useful to climb up SERP rankings than to appear in search results. One can also grow YouTube channel by increasing viewers and subscribers count.

Although this method positively influences SEO, it's not recommended to try it on large scale/ all articles on blog.

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