3 Ways how Giving Backlinks Influences SEO

Backlinks Influences SEO, Everybody Knows that, But does giving Backlinks affects SEO of your website? Google talks about natural backlinks, but what's the advantage you get by giving Backlink when you're not getting paid for it?


External link to internal link ratio 

Any website is expected to maintain external link to internal ratio of 1:6. This applies majorly for blog articles than website pages. Though this is not mandatory, This is one of good SEO practices.

User Flow(For do follow links)

In the ideal case, This is what the flow of user should be..
  • User searches for a query in search engine
  • Clicks on a website link.
Now there are 3 ways

1. After spending good amount of time( depends on the amount of content and other factors) and navigating to good number of pages, goes to the recommended site (backlink given by the website) either in same window or in separate window and spends good amount of time in the recommended site.
2. Spends good amount of time in website, follows recommended site, but bounces back as they did not like the site.
3. Quits the session by closing the window.
4. Goes back to search engine  to see other results.

In either way, the user is leaving the website, but this is how search engines treat the above cases 

1. User followed the recommended site and stayed on the site for good amount of time, +2  for the website and +1 for the recommended site for the given hyper text.
2. User spends good amount of time in the site, goes to recommended site, but quits session within seconds, +1 for giving right information, -2 for giving wrong recommendation to the user, -1 for recommended site.  when the backlink is removed, the website get backs the rankings.
3. User is satisfied by information provided by the website. But quits the session, so +1 for giving right information to the user.
4. User is not fully satisfied with the information provided,-1 for lower user engagement.

Best case: User following recommended site after spending quality time in your website can highly boost your website's Rankings*

Worst case: Getting wrong backlinks or giving backlinks to irrelevant or low quality website can severely affect the SEO Rankings.*

Both the cases applies at mass level and single user cannot influence SEO rankings.

What if user does not click on backlink? 
If almost no user clicks on the backlink, then it won't have any effect on SEO Rankings, but having large number of low CTR do follow links will negatively influence SEO.

Value of backlink highly depends on Unique CTR and user engagement in the recommended site.

Google algorithm's task is to find out the best websites for particular query, by mentioning highly relevant websites, you help Google crawlers to select the right websites, so Google rewards you with better rankings.

Direct Rankings

I was searching for websites in which my client's website is mentioned but hasn't given backlink to, so as to contact them to ask if they can give a backlink as it can boost SEO. I searched for general brand terms, What i found was some sites with low traffic ranking for review terms..., Upon visiting the second page, I found websites like Times of India, Economic times etc.. which has written about my client.. I was wondering why these websites didn't rank in the first page while low authority sites did, Then i came to know the reason.

Giving do follow backlinks increases chances of ranking for brand terms. Yes, what I found was that all sites in the first page were giving a link back to client's site, while popular websites weren't giving the links. This may not major factor, but Giving backlinks to brand's website while writing about the brand definitely helps to rank better for their brand terms.

Giving a link back? Thank you 😋

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