An Interview with Amlan Das- Group Head of Streamlyn Academy

Digital Marketing being one of the booming industry in the current world doesn't have specialization in master of Business administration. Training Institutes are playing major role for making graduates ready for Digital Marketing Jobs.  

Today We have with us Group Head of Streamlyn Academy, One of the renowned Training Academy for Digital Marketing in India.

  • Hi Amlan, It's our pleasure to have you as our guest, Please introduce yourself to our audience

  • Thanks a lot Harish it is a pleasure to be a part of your Initiative. I am Amlan Das the Group Head of Streamlyn Academy which is an institute providing high end Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

    • Please give a brief introduction of Streamlyn Academy and how its different from other institutes which offers digital marketing, Are there any Tie-ups with Agencies?
    Streamlyn Academy is an initiative of Streamlyn Media which is a Singapore based publisher media agency. Basically, there are a couple of factors that differentiate Streamlyn Academy with the other institutes offering digital marketing training:
    • Being an initiative of Streamlyn media group, the education paradigm is entirely unique with live projects taught by full time faculty members who are the digital marketers of the agency and supported by a full-fledged placement team.
    • The most lucrative part of the course is stipend-based internships as a part of the course. A candidate can earn back almost 60% of his/her course fee before the course ends.
    • The placement team of the academy is a very efficient team of people with a record of >93% placement till date. The average salary of the candidates ranges between 300K to 350K per annum.
    • We are the pioneer in delivering education on programmatic advertising, which is said to be the future of digital marketing.

    • What are your views on the future of digital marketing? How do you think it'll change it in coming days?

    Digital Marketing is a rapidly booming industry and has a lot of Growth Potential especially in a Country like Indian where the industry is still in its baby stages. There is a huge demand for Skilled Professionals and there exists a lack of the same.

    Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving field and one cannot predict the exact changes that are to happen, but yes with increasing number of users the Programmatic Advertising, is going to be the next big thing in Digital marketing.

    • The following three aspects make people think twice before entering digital marketing industry. What do you think? Please give 5 reasons why people should choose digital marketing as their career. 
                            a. digital marketing has almost no university courses
                            b. Almost all digital marketing experts entered the field accidentally
                            c. It doesn't involve coding.

    Well, it’s a fact that very few universities are in tune with digital marketing courses today and that digital marketing does not involve coding. However, I can’t agree that digital marketers are created accidentally. Digital marketing is an art by itself and people interested in this art are great digital marketers today.

    The 5 reasons why digital marketing is a great career option are:

    1. The Growth Potential – As I mentioned earlier this industry is still in the nascent stage so there is a huge growth potential in this industry.
    2. The Job Prospects – Due to huge demand of skilled professionals this industry has a lot of Job prospects
    3. No specific education requirement – To join the field of Digital Marketing there is no specific education requirements.
    4. Flexibility – If you start working as freelancer in Digital Marketing you basically are your own boss and can work as you wish but you need to be efficient and a workaholic that is the reason not everybody can become a freelancer.
    5. No Revenue Cap – There is an old saying that Your work speaks same goes in the field of Digital Marketing if you are a good digital marketer and get to know your way around this industry there is pretty much no limit to how much you can earn in the next 5 years.

    • Can you List 5 Digital Marketing blogs which you follow and reason why you follow them
    The 1st will be obviously Neil Patel as his blogs are like an encyclopedia for Content Marketers
    The 2nd Blog will be backlinko by Brian Dean because his blogs help you learn a lot about SEO and importance of Link Building.
    The 3rd Blog is Shoutmeloud by Harsh Agarwal because his blog deals with the current scenario of SEO and Digital Marketing in India.
    The 4th Blog is Search Engine Journal as their blogs deal with the current day to day updates in the field of Digital Marketing.
    The 5th Blog is MOZ as they focus on the SEO, SEM and the search engine updates
    Then blogs by Ahrefs, Semrush are also good and the list goes on.

    Then there is another comparatively new blog Boostbloggers managed by Harish Udupa who is trying to explain about Digital Marketing, Blogging and Entrepreneurship in very simple terms.

    So, these are the few blogs which I will recommend.

    • If you were to give one piece of advice to people entering digital marketing/blogging career. what would it be?
    To be successful in the field of Digital Marketing one must keep learning because Digital Marketing is very fast changing field so a Digital Marketer must stay up to date with the current happenings of this industry.

    • One last question, What're your thoughts on our blog Boost Bloggers?
    I first discovered your blog while I was doing a research and went through it, the best thing that I liked about your blog was the simplicity of content on your blog. I want you to keep it this way.

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