Berush- SEMrush Affiliate Program : Everything you should know

Berush is an affiliate program run by SEMrush and offers 40% Recurring commissions to all its affiliates. Let us dive in to explore more about Berush.
Berush- SEMrush affiliate program

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is popular marketing intelligence tool that is mainly used for Keyword research, Tracking  Organic rankings for Keywords, Competitor research and identifying backlink opportunities. SEMrush is one of most widely used digital marketing tool in world with over 2 Million users.

What is Berush affiliate program?

Berush is an official affiliate program by SEMrush. Berush works on cost per sale basis. You get paid when people subscribe to paid SEMrush plans through your link. They offer 40% Recurring commissions to all their affiliates.

Reasons why you should join Berush

  • SEMrush is Popular: Yes, SEMrush is already one of most widely used digital marketing tool across world. So there's high probability digital marketers. Entrepreneurs and bloggers will sooner or later subscribe to SEMrush. So why not recommend it?
  • SEMrush is Great: I've personally used SEMrush for months and can tell that SEMrush is worth paying for. From Identifying right Keywords to digging into competitors strategies, You can do it all within minutes through SEMrush.
  • 40% Recurring commissions: Let me give you an idea of how much you can actually earn.
Pro plan: 99.95$ per month, Commission-40$, So if you refer just 20 New customers to SEMrush, you'll earn 800$ per month, That's about 50K INR .Not one month, But till the customer stays subscribed to SEMrush.  

That's for pro plan, 1600$ for guru and 3200$ per month for enterprise subscriptions. 
  • Easy approval: All Affiliate Applications are Pre approved, so you need not own a website, all it takes is a couple of minutes to get started.
  • Win $100 Contest: Win $100 is a monthly contest run by Berush in which SEMrush concept is given based on which articles/videos/ebooks/Podcasts should be done and should link to SEMrush website. One winner will be chosen among the participants of contest based on quality and will be rewarded with 100$. 

Why you should participate in  Berush $100 contest? 

  1. You'll get opportunity to win 100$
  2. All winners will be mentioned along with article link will be presented in website, so your blog might get a link from Berush!!. The article will also be mentioned in monthly Berush newsletter along with Berush Facebook and Twitter pages.
  3. Link from Berush helps to rank the article for SEMrush search terms which will bring organic traffic
  4. Sometimes, all participants will also be rewarded with free SEMrush subscriptions.
Berush $100 Contest winners

You should and must complete SEMrush affiliate marketing certification to participate in $100 Contest

Get started with Berush

  • Signup to Berush
  • Upon successful registration, you can login to your Berush account where you can get your referral link in main page as well as in promo material section. Your referral link will be of following format{ID}
Where ID is your unique semrush account number

  • You're allowed to direct user to any of the following sections through your referral link
  1. Dashboard
  2. Prices
  3. Help
  4. News
  5. Webinar
  6. Company
  7. 7 day trial
You should append the URL with ?ref={ID} and then include it in your blog to direct user to specific page, through the use of ID, SEMrush will identify source of subscription and will reward you with commission.

Eg: URL for SEMrush pricing is
So final referral URL for pricing page will be{ID}

  • You can also promote SEMrush by using their promo materials, There are two promo materials that can be used to promote SEMrush
  1. Banner: 
Here you're allowed to choose following settings for banner
Berush Banner settings

Size of the banner

Referral source: Referral source is an optional field used so that you can know source of referral and can use same source to get more leads.
Eg: If you're adding banner in blog's homepage, you can give homepage as referral source
Referral source will be automatically added to code as you enter

Color: You're allowed to choose between black and orange for background color of the banner

Language:  You can also choose language between English, Spanish, French, German and Russian. You can select language based on geography of users.

You can then copy code by clicking on copy code button and paste it in your website to show the banner.

2. Widget: 

You can also promote SEMrush by using their widget.

As with the case of banner, you're allowed to choose color and referral source. You can also choose database according to user's geographic locations. If most of your users are Indians, you can choose, which will be used to provide data to the visitor. The widget will look like this.

User can enter a domain, Keyword or URL of the page, upon clicking on search button, user will be directed to SEMrush website where data will be presented to the user.

  • Profile, Statistics and Payout
Profile: You can fill personal information such as name, location, website data and billing info in profile section

You can choose between PayPal or wire transfer for payments. 50$ is payment threshold for PayPal and 1000$ for wire transfer. You'll be paid on 10th and 25th of month, if your account has more than threshold revenue.

You can know visitors, signups, sales, rebills and profits in statistics section. You can know it by date or source. The statistics are updated every hour.

Payment section shows the previous payments done till date.

FAQ section answers most of your questions regarding the program. Incase if you need to get in touch with Berush team, you can do so by filling form under contact us section. Berush team will get back to you in couple of days.

Important Berush terms

  • If the referred user is an existing customer of SEMrush, you will not be rewarded any commission
  • Threshold is 50$ for PayPal and 1000$ for wire transfers, all payments will be done on 10th and 25th of each month 
  • Berush works on first cookie attribution model, so if user originally landed on SEMrush through your referral link and makes purchase, then you'll receive commission for all their transactions.
  • All non US citizens should compulsorily fill W8-BEN form.
  • Using your own referral link to buy SEMrush subscriptions will block your Berush account
  • Affiliate commission should not be shared with end users
  • Berush/ SEMrush brand name should be used in domain name of site
  • Berush/SEMrush and misspellings should not be used as keyword in advertising campaigns in any search engine
  • Customized banners and widgets should not be used
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