How to improve organic reach of facebook page

Facebook is one of the most trending social media, people even spend hours reading their news feed, In this era, each and every startup and organization and Even blogs should own a Facebook page and promote their business.
Facebook organic reach
Image source: Thought labs blog

From 2007, Facebook allowed anyone to create a fan page of their own Promoting or Marketing their organization or work posting unlimited Posts to their fan bases,  Due to emergence of  large number of pages, In the year 2012, Facebook rolled out an update which decreased the organic reach of your Facebook posts.

Organic reach is the percentage of fans who actually recieve the post in their newsfeed, From 2012-2017 , the organic reach further decreased, Today the average organic reach of  post of your Facebook page is around 12%, Which means the recent post of your Facebook page can actually reach only 12% of your fans. And the irony is more the number of fans, lesser is the reach of the posts, A Facebook page of 5 lac fans can reach an average of just 10,000 fans, thats just 2% of its fanbase!! This is sad considering the effort of admin in building such a fanbase.

How to Improve Organic Reach of Facebook page

Ok, How you can actually increase the organic reach of your Facebook page? This is a million dollar question especially for emerging startups and bloggers. Here's the answer.

Post  images than links

Optimized images can reach upto 35% of your fanbase,  Here's the proof

Reach of jobhuntzz Facebook page

Our Facebook page had 225 followers , when we posted this image, the image has reached to 84 fans, which is approximately 35%.
    But  images do not actually serve the purpose, it cannot make your readers to visit your site, what's the use???

    The troll or meme or quote posts are more likely to be liked and shared by fans, 
    • When they like your posts, Facebook make sure they see your Page's next post in their news feed.
    • If they share the posts, obviously it'll increase the reach and your page may also get new followers.
    • Even if they don't like or share the post, it helps you to build strong relationship with the fans.
    What if i want to make the readers visit my site?

    That can be done in three ways

    Include the post link in Images

    But this may not help, As the users should manually type the url in search engines, there's no way for them to copy the url, but if it reaches wide audience by shares, it works great.

    Include the link in the comments

    This is one of the best options, but do not guarantee results, as not every visitor is interested in reading the comments

    So posting images can not only reach more fans but can also increase organic reach of your next post.( If they like the image)

    Include page links in the post itself by shortening urls

    Url shortener tools like google shortener or can be used to shorten the urls and post it along with images or videos to improve reach.

    Post videos

    The advantages of posting videos in your Facebook page
    • It can reach approximately 50% of your fans
    • People are more attracted to videos than texts, so if the video is great, it may get huge number of shares
    • It can introduce your business to your fans in just minutes
    • It builds relationship with fans
    But remember do not post links of videos but upload videos directly to your Facebook page, because the former will be treated as a link by Facebook.

    Ask your fans to visit the Facebook page

    Ask your fans to visit the Facebook page atleast once a day to keep updated 

    If your fanbase really like your posts and it's critical to them, they may do it.

    When the fans visit Facebook page Often , Facebook automatically detects that the user likes the page and gives high priority to it in newsfeed.

    This may not work well for all pages, but if successful it can do wonders.

    Note: Ask your visitors to visit fb page regularly by a blog post not a Facebook post as the post itself cannot reach all fans. :)

    Boost posts

    Facebook  provides an option to boost post to reach more people for a certain amount of money.

    Facebook boost post

    This can be set to
    • Reach fans, for which the interaction rate is high 
    •  Reach all audience of particular interest, here the click through rate depends on the way it is promoted.

    Share quality articles

    • If you are blogging daily, do not share each and every article, share the ones that people can engage with.
    • Share other blog's quality articles, this can help to build trust.

    Share exclusive contents.

    • Let some information be exclusive to your Facebook page, this makes the audience visit the page often
    • Like if you're an educational blogger and conduct quiz every month and use fb page to announce the results

    Use Facebook page to engage with people

    • Reply to each and every message you receive
    • Ask opinions and feedbacks
    • Use Facebook polls
    • Create events
    • Use Facebook live video feature
    Let there be 60-40 ratio in engagement posts and blog posts.

    Why Facebook has decreased organic reach of Facebook posts?

    • Because they do not want users to leave Facebook, if your Facebook post containing link reaches more people, more people will actually leave Facebook and visit your site, which is a loss to Facebook.
    • Personalizing the news feed according to user interest.
    Reach more fans and reach more hearts.


    1. How is this working for you? I'm not sure it's boosted my followers. Any suggestions?

      1. Hello dawn lanaville, it'll not boost followers, but will increase reach of posts

    2. Thanks for the info. I really do notice that image posts and videos get lots of shares when compared with link posts. I have also noticed that the reach is higher on some of my Facebook pages when compared to others.


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