Some tips for entrepreneurs

Hello friends, If you are reading this, you should either an Entrepreneur or Blogger or interested to be one of them, Blogger is also an entrepreneur since he/she does almost the same things in smaller scale, so let us come to the topic, why do startups or in precise new ideas fail?

What to give
There are two ways you can do business,

  • Selling what people want
  • Selling what you think people should buy

Irrespective of the approach chosen, one rule should be followed, that's targeting right audience, if you select SEO specalists as your target and you teach them seo, it'll be a huge flop, instead if you teach it to young Graduates it'll be a huge success, target people who don't know much about the niche if the service is a simple one, if it's complex, select audience who knows the basics of your niche.

In the first approach what you do is
  • Research what people are searching for or what is in demand in your niche either through keyword research or some other means
  • Select services or products which already exists in the market but not famous, so when it's kept infront of customers, it will appear new
  • Invest in developing the product/service
  • Do SEO by writing titles, description and content according to keywords identified
  • Investing hell lot of money on Google AdWords and Facebook ads by bidding on high volume keywords related to the niche
  • Improve or expand products or services offered
Every competitor in your niche will do the same thing sooner or later, so you invest in getting backlinks from high domain authority blogs, even competitors will do the same, you then see that you do not have enough money to compete with biggies in your niche, you will eventually give up or settle for low profits.

How to grow ?
  • As i said in many articles try marketing through free services
  • Hire the best web developer, let me tell you clearly, i won't buy anything from a site that looks bad
  • Hire best Android developer, social media Marketer and seo specialist and marketing specialist, experts never follow rules, they create it.
  • Invest in branding, always invest 20-30% of money into self branding, do not spend time branding too much, act as a brand from the start. Eg: OnePlus
  • Make sure the quality of product or service does justice to the price, will you buy it , if you are the customer? Never try to fool people, you cannot make money in that way.
Second approach

I always follow the second approach,never did keyword research, never invested my time in knowing what people want. I know something which i think people should know, so i write about it. i know my blog won't rank in first page of Google, There is heavy competition for niches i selected, but i invest time in reaching people, at last i should impress people not search engines.

This route is tough, but if it succeeds, Your business will never be neglected by people.

Some characteristics of second approach are
  • Giving people something which isn't in the market and telling them why they should buy it.
  • Concentrating more on reaching  people through free means than investing on ads, if you reach all 3 billion people ( who are on internet) with best first impressions,  you don't have to worry about the competition at all.
  • Never worry about the competition, once you succeed in getting customer trust, Invest in bettering your product or service.
  • Do not work for money, It is a well known fact that it's always tough to achieve something if its your goal, "A person who wants to be happy all the time cannot be happy at all, A person who is free from the desire of being happy all the time, can be happy" so concentrate more on expanding your services, explore other services than on concentrating on how to get more money. That's what Google did.
That's it for now, meet you in the next post

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