Backlink Bidding- The next Trend in SEO

Can backlink bidding be introduced as monetization method for bloggers? How to do that? Isn't it against Google policies? Let's dive in and explore

Backlink bidding

I usually go through product hunt to find Digital Marketing product that would be useful to our audience so as to write article on it and sometimes interview the team to let our visitors know more of the product. I found this site called The button which was basically a site with single button, anybody can bid and buy button and direct users to their site, this idea is taken from one of reddit forum.
The button

What if the same concept is applied to many hyperlinks  in many sites (link is permanent when bought).

Basically the process is as follows
  • Blogger registers in the platform, submits and confirms their blogs
  • He/She lists all links they would like to give from their blogs and chooses minimum value of bid
  • The platform upon checking the queries the blog ranks for, traffic , DA and other factors assigns score to each blog and categorizes blogs
  • The buyer registers, confirms their sites and the sites are given score in similar manner
  • Buyers can then raise the bids and buy backlinks from selected blogs for agreed price

How would backlink bidding platform help backlink buyers?

  • No hassle to find the right blogs to get backlinks from
  • Since there's competition from various blogs, price for backlinks would be slightly on lower side
  • Since all the factors are prechecked by the platform, buying backlinks will be as easy as buying items on e-commerce sites
  • Helps to establish relationship with right Bloggers

How would the backlink bidding platform help Bloggers?

  • No need to find and contact brands or get lesser quotation for links, 
  • Keep the bid on lower side and get many backlinks request a month
  • Select only quality players to give backlink

Cons of backlink bidding

  • Buying backlinks is against Google policies: After recent backlinks algorithm update, Google is pretty much serious about penalizing sites for paid links. Google will obviously Ban the platform, but it could not get the data of players participating in it, so probability of it affecting your site is less. Almost all players including big ones like Coursera used to buy backlinks at start of their business. Though buying links is against Google policies, 70-90% of brands still rely on paid backlinks
  • Transparency: Bloggers may come to know that bigger brands also participate in backlink bidding which might be bad for brand. This could be avoided to an extent if the platform could handle the Links without notice from bloggers
  • Value of backlink might come down: As it becomes easier to build links, more and more links get built, so value of backlink in SEO might come down to an extent if this becomes trend.

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