Observations: Jan 2022


 Presenting the Recent Updates: January 2022

1. Affiliate Link Sharing

For the amazon associates (affiliate partners)- when they choose to share an amazon product link, Amazon now gives option to choose Affiliates/Non Affiliate link as well as the affiliate IDs

2. The Product page changes with Logged in and guest users

a)  Price Discount is highlighted for logged in users

Guest Users

Logged in users

b)  Cashback offers are mentioned only for logged in users

c)  Organic similar product suggestions ( Customers who bought/viewed this item also bought/viewed) are prioritized for logged in users and Paid product suggestions ( Products related to this item) are prioritized for guest users

3. Paid Ads Link Changes

Clicks on paid ads now opens in New tab while Organic suggestions opens in the same tab . The paid ads uses the blank target attributes for the links

Redirection links are setup for product suggestion paid ads with the below link

 Other Sponsored suggestions continue to have Sub domain redirection

4. Headline-Landing page Search Term Match

5. Specialty Pages to rank for Specific Keywords

This is mostly used for Health Category- pages are generated based on pre-selected filters

This is also done at category+ Specialty level to show up for second level keywords

6. The Parallel Multi-filter

Currently available in Gift finder section of amazon- being tested in other categories

7. The Card UI for sub category selection in mobile app

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