Ecommerce Product Concept Note: Dial to Purchase


E-commerce remains to be one of the domains where lot of experiments are tried to optimize for better conversion rate

When i observe market places, i think of few ways how e-commerce might drastically change in coming days- In this series- i would be presenting few concept notes..

Please note that these are only ideas & are not completely validated- if any of these are found to have an issue- please jot down your thoughts in the comment section 


Dial to purchase

1. Objective: 

Dial to purchase aims to remove the checkout process & multiple options of the payment gateway to one upi based offline payment option to increase impulsiveness & maximize the chances of purchase

Dial to purchase can be 1 click initiation to purchase a single item- this can be achieved with variant of  upi-123 pay 

Product Prototype concept:

  • Each product page would be button that offers dial to purchase (number would be unqiue for each product)
  • Once the customer click on "Dial to order" button, User will be landed to dialer with preselected number which would have 3 parts

8550720018 123 1456

1. Seller number: In the above example it would be 8550720018

2. Product code: 123

3. Amount: 1456 

Upi pin would be asked providing which the transaction would be completed


User & seller would have their bank account registered with their number & preferred bank accounts are chosen via the external app

The image is the prototype example of the feature only not the actual marketplace image

Is this Realastic?

Currently there's brand call misscallpay which offers the service of upi money transfer over missed call using the upi-123 pay as base

With few changes & permissions- this can be added to e-commerce transactions.

Potential Challenges

1. Validation: Validating if the payment is completed might not be as simple as other upi methods as this does not happen via upi apps & as amount isn't requested online, validation too doesn't happen online.

2. Multiple Purchases

If user is purchasing multiple items in marketplace at once from more than one seller
Then this poses an issue of dialing multiple numbers which is cumbersome & won't be done by users which reduces the average basket value

3. Regulations

User would be skipping the following steps Which might violate e-comm regulations, additionally price might vary depending on delivery preferences 
1. Checkout
2. Re-confirming the address
3. Re-confirming the purchase
4. Delivery preferences & slots (can still be chosen post purchase)

With couple of changes- Validation & regulatory issues can be solved while multiple purchases would remain as complex challenge

Use cases:

  • Mostly applicable for single item quick purchase that are impulsive in nature
  • Would be useful for 60+ audience TG who generally does not purchase online due to complication of online payment

  • With the inclusion of instant payment, the probability of purchase increase over period of time as it makes user aware there's lesser friction to make a purchase
  • Might work out cheaper to the platform than if the user chooses to go via payment gateway route

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