How to choose the best host service provider

What's the first thing you do when you see an impressing ad in a tv or read about an emerging brand in newspaper? You search for the company in search engines, visit the official site and search for more details, right? Well that's what we all do.

Today , A website is  a basic requirement of an organization. According to sources a visitor judges an organization by design and speed of the site, Not only the B2B but even B2C judges an organization by its site. So, A visually appealing, and blazing speed website is the first step to the success of your startup or blog.

Before going to the actual topic, i want you to understand how actually the internet works, 

Web server

This is actually your website, The web server.There are several host service providers who actually have large number of web servers, all of which are  located at a particular location,, Each domain is associated with an unique IP address, which identifies your web server. So basically the hardware part of your site is actually situated at the host service provider's place and is not distributed throughout the world. 

Let us say, your website is built only for Indian audience ( ex: educational sites), then there's no meaning, if you buy the domain from an international host service provider. Each and every single time, A user's system requests your site, The request should go all the way to another country, get processed and appropriate information should be sent back to your system through a service provider, though this happens within seconds in reality, The extra seconds the site takes to load fully actually matters to the visitor of the site.

5 Things to Consider while Choosing Website Hosting

The location of the host service provider 

Location of Host server acts as a factor of site speed, but this doesn't apply to sites with global audience.

Average server uptime

Uptime is the percentage of time your website will be up and running. A best host service provider should atleast provide  uptime of 99.90%, meaning which your site will be running 99.9% of time.

Technical support

Imagine, your site goes viral, and there's some serious problem with your site speed, which  arises a situation to contact technical support team, what if they do not respond to your calls and emails?, So no matter how famous the host service provider is, always look out reviews of their technical support


Is it worth to spend 100's of dollars on the 3 year plan , when you are not sure whether you really keep it for months? But almost all host service providers rise the price if you register for a single year or two, So depending on your requirements, choose the most cheap and best plan.


  1. Security against hacking
  2. Number of  Custom Email accounts
  3. Easy integration of CMS
  4. Global CDN Support
  5. SSL certificate
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