Vapourhost Webhosting Review 2021: After 2 Years of Usage

Vapour host has now become the talk of the town hosting platform especially for newbie Indian bloggers. Does it actually live upto its expectations? Let's find out in detailed Vapourhost review

Vapour host Website hosting review
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About Vapour host

Vapour host is an Indian website hosting company aimed at providing website hosting at most affordable price tag. Using Reseller hosting and dedicated servers, they have established themselves as one of cheapest yet powerful web hosting providers in India since 2016. With respective to their pricing and service, they are very much similar to their competitor Royalcloud.


Vapour host has divided their plans into two categories, namely
  • Primary Plans
  • Power plans

Primary Plans

Professional hosting plans are for bloggers with more than one website or professional Bloggers, supports more than one website.

Primary Plan 1

  • 10GB SSD
  • 100GB/Month bandwidth
  • Supports upto 15k visitors per month
  • Supports 2 Domains
  • 150 INR per month

Primary Plan 2

  • 15GB SSD
  • 200GB/Month bandwidth
  • Supports upto 25k visitors per month
  • Supports upto 5 Domains
  • 200 Rupees per month

Power plans

Power plans are mainly for high traffic websites or blogs, or bloggers who are handling too many blogs, All power plans offer unlimited websites hosting.

Power plan 1

  • 20 GB SSD
  • 500 GB/Month bandwidth
  • Supports upto 40k visitors per month
  • 299 Rupees per month

Power plan 2

  • 25GB SSD
  • 1000GB/Month bandwidth
  • Supports upto 60k visitors per month
  • 419 rupees per month

Power plan 3

  • 35 GB SSD
  • 1500 GB/Month bandwidth
  • Supports upto 1 Lakh visitors per month
  • 549 Rupees per month


As with case of other web hosting providers, vapour host provides decent features for the price.
  • Daily backups: you can backup your website data daily so that it's never lost
  • Instant setup: one click WordPress setup and instant setup
  • Free SSL certificate: your websites can be protected with ssl certificates at no extra cost
  • C panel: Yes c panel is present, if you're typical blogger who sets up website using c panel, you'll face no problem
  • Built in cache and DDOS protection is provided in power plans: built in cache is large enough to keep your website re visitors engaged, DDOS ( distributed denial of service ) protection keeps your site running under denial of service attacks.
  • 30 days return: We tried it and we got back the money, 30 day return policy actually works here.

Customer support 

Customer support is one of major reasons we love vapour host, all tickets will be replied and executives offer Maximum support to keep your website running.

Uptime and traffic support

Uptime is super good, 99.8% to be precise, but we experienced abnormal downtime for few days, best thing is they gave 2 months of hosting free on existing plan for compensating the downtime. You'll never experience downtime unless there's major problem

Server speed

Interestingly server speed is good enough to compete with strong players, but its not something remarkable to mention. If you're in mini plans, you're sure to move to pro plans for extra resources.

Domain and payments

There's no option to buy domains, you should buy domain from other websites and use it for hosting.

Coming to payments, you can pay for a month, quarter, half year or even full year in advance.

Final words

Vapour host hosting is definitely worth the price, but are you that blogger who has blog with traffic more than a lac per month or you're someone who always go for popular brands irrespective of price, vapour host may not be right choice for you.

Disclosure: we're affiliate of vapour host and we receive commission when you make purchase through our link

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  1. Does each plan have different speeds, I am currently using mini plan 3 for the blog I just started but speed not good.

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