4 Strong Reasons why you should hire freelancers

I still remember the time when hiring freelancers were considered as risky move, but then organizations came to know that hiring freelancers for work is actually more cost effective and better than hiring people who have certain years of experience. But why you should consider hiring freelancers? Let's explore


Difference between an experienced employee and an experienced freelancer

  • An employee works for the company or client of the company for long time, where as a freelancer works for a brand for a limited time
  • The job is freelancer's passion, where as for an employee it may their passion or just a way to pay their bills.
  • An employee is generally not allowed to do something that's outside his work, In other words, an employee of a company will be having expertise in certain skill and will be forced to continue to work on the same skill repetitively because he/she is good at it, where as a freelancer generally goes beyond the work to know the skill at master level, once they feel saturated or bored, they tend to learn skills which are relevant to skills they already know.
  • Freelancer gets paid more than a normal employee because there are no mediators between the company and the freelancer. Its different with respect to employee, the employee works for a product or client, and he/she will be given anywhere between 5-30% of his actual earnings. So freelancers are usually happy with the pay and try to push themselves to work more efficiently.
  • Freelancers are free from rules, freelancers won't have any rules, they can work from anywhere, any time of day, only restriction they have is to complete the work within agreed time period. Where as an employee should follow company rules and should work during company work hours, should obey his boss orders.
  • Freelancers take break and are free from stress: Freelancers take break from a project to another to spend time with their family or go on trip with their friends and hence are relatively less stressed than employees
  • Freelancers have good contacts: Freelancers generally have good relationship with entrepreneurs, bloggers and other freelancers, so do you need to contact founder of xy company directly? You can rely upon the freelancer.

Top 5 reasons why you should hire freelancer for work rather than hiring experienced employee permanently


Freelancers never rely on single skill, if they know web development, they'll have atleast basic knowledge of blogging, content writing and SEO, If they have mastered Java, they'll be knowing Android app development. Best thing is they generally tend to work to learn more than to earn more. Once they're good at something, they go on learning something new.

 Work efficiency

Employees are paid for their working hours,you actually pay them to work for 8 hours, but everybody knows that an average employee works for not more than 5 hours a day.

Where as a freelancer respects his/her time, they complete work within minimum time so that they can work on other projects.You can expect the work to be finish in minimum time with high quality of work without any assistance.

Instant hiring

Wow you got a big client, but you need a person with particular skill which nobody knows in the company. Hunting experienced candidates now? Nah you may end up overpaying them or hiring someone who's not so experienced. Here's where a freelancer comes to rescue, pay a bit more and an expert will be available to do the work within days. and the project got over? He/she'll be gone in seconds.


There's a common notion that experienced freelancers are too costly and startups cannot afford them. But that's actually the opposite, hiring a freelancer can save upto 30% of budgets than hiring an employee for the Same work.

Let's take 3 scenarios
  • You hire an experienced candidate for CTC of 50K$, they're expected to work 245 days an year, 8 hours a day, so you're paying them 25$ per hour!! You give them a task, say they take 8 working hours to complete it, cost for the task: 200$, if in case you hire a freelancer for the same job, you can get it done within 5 hours, giving them 40$ per hour? Its the same and you can expect better quality work.
  • You outsource work to an agency, they pay the same 200$ for their employee, demand 400$ from you because of the brand value and quality of work, hiring an expert freelancer for 80$ per hour? Its the same.
  • Your company is situated in US/UK you again pay 200$ to your employee to get the work done. No no, let's go back in time, you contact an expert Indian freelancer instead, pay him/her 40$/2500 Rupees per hour, because its huge sum of money in India, you can get highest quality work within minimum time.
Hiring an experienced candidate again?

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