Chirag Agarwal Speaks: An Interview with the Founder of Vapour host

Today we have with us, The young entrepreneur who's trying to change web hosting world with vapourhost, let's dive in to hear his story.

Chirag Agarwal- Founder of Vapourhost

  • Hi Chirag, Please introduce yourself in your own style
Well, I am Chirag Agarwal and I along with my partner launched a Hosting company Vapourhost in 2016. It showed instant growth and despite a lot of problems it is still running perfectly. My partner handles the technical part while I handle the financials and other stuff.
Before launching VapourHost, I owned a tech blog and several other websites which basically resold internet services.

  • We at Boost Bloggers believe that every entrepreneur has a story, can you tell the story of your startup in form of trailer
I owned some websites and blogs when I was around 15 but I needed money to purchase a high quality hosting. As I am from a middle class family and parents were not clearly aware of what I was doing online, they didn’t give me money. I tried several free web hosts but was disappointed with them all. I ended up on Ehost but faced a lot of downtimes, their support was slow and their renewal cost was very high. I felt the need of a hosting company that can solve my problems, so I ended up owning one :)

  • Heard that you found the co founder of Vapour host in HBB Facebook group, tell us more about it
I found him in the Facebook group of HellBoundBloggers and  then we became “friends on Facebook”. I remember that I contacted him regarding a weird WordPress problem. As our names are similar, an instant bond was made between us. We started chatting gradually and at that time he was offering hosting to his friends on his self managed VPS. I pitched the idea of starting a hosting company to him and hence VapourHost was born.

  • How was vapour host founded, what’s the problem you’re trying to solve with vapour host and how vapour host is different from other web hosting company?
There were not a lot of companies that were providing quality hosting which I could afford (when I was 15) so I felt that there’s a need for this as a lot of people like me need that.
When I pitched the idea to Chirag, he was kind of confused regarding it and took quite a bit of time to decide. It was obvious as I only knew him for like 5-6 days. I had to convince him and I was successful in doing that.

  • How does it feel to be an entrepreneur at this age?
The way you feel when you are an Entrepreneur, age is just a number.

  • Who’s your role model and why?
I don’t have an actual role model in my life. There are a lot of people who have inspired me to become good in life. Pradeep Kumar (founder of SlashSquare) is one such person who has affected my personality in a very positive way. You can only get the true essence of him once you see him interacting with people.

  • If you were to give a piece of advice to youngsters, what would it be?
There are many cases of youngsters committing suicide because of low marks so I want to tell that there are a lot of other things that you can succeed at. In school I have been a topper and a failure so I know how that feels in both the situations. Just remember nothing is more important than your life and never lose hope.

  • What are your thoughts on our blog
I read some of the posts and the review of VapourHost. I see that you write genuine content and the posts are informative. I also liked the Marketing section of your blog.
I wish you the best for your blog and hope that it grows day and night. Keep posting great articles :)

Signs off!!

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