Bloggers SEO : 4 techniques to rank your blog

Everybody wants to rank their website for queries related to their niche, but what's the difference if everybody is buying back links and doing on page SEO? Right?  Here's guide on how to crack Google's algorithm and rank your website ahead of your competition.

Before diving into the topic let me tell you important points about Google's algorithm.

  • Google's algorithm is not perfect, it's always fluke and uses a/b testing to decide the rankings of website for particular query.
  • Google always gives importance to big sites for new queries
Eg: For Query Google auto ads, they picked shoutmeloud after their official blog.
PS: I'm not against any blog

Reason: Already popular site, Google tries to be safe.

  • Google gives importance to blogs than websites.
  1. Through websites people/companies will often be trying to sell some product/ service and Google wants them to use Google AdWords for it.
  2. Blogs often have Adsense ads, while commercial websites don't want to show their competitors to their audience
  3. Blogs are dynamic, full of content, answers questions and satisfies user's queries.

Let's come to the actual topic.

How to rank your website in Google for queries related to your blog's niche?

Timeroid technique

Timeroid Technique is one of the easiest way to rank your website, so what is Timeroid technique?

Timeroid technique is an SEO technique of writing articles targeted at future events/ year and periodically updating it to rank it in first page without backlinks.

Query: Best sport shoes 2018
As you can see in the screenshot, 50% of websites ranking in the first page wrote the article in 2017!!

Micro Blogging

Want to rank up your site and you have got the list of keywords? Start micro blogging.
Cover every possible doubts, write tons of high quality articles, do some basic onpage SEO and you can see the results without any backlinks, well don't expect to see your blog in first page for initial few months.

Micro blogging can go to any level,

  • Blog on watches
  • Blog on sport watches
  • Blog on sport watches 2019 as well
You should select the domain of your site accordingly.

Identifying the right keywords

Google cannot rank your website for high volume keyword today night, that's not possible, but Google will definitely give you a hint on which are the keywords you need to focus on..

How to rank articles in Google

  • Google bot crawls your website page and indexes it.
  • When user searches with a particular query(which's not the keyword you actually wanted) , Google ranks your site somewhere between 2-3rd page because the article says something about the query
  • Through search console, you get to know for what non targeted keywords your website is ranking in 2nd page
  • Target those keywords and write best article, hurray!! Your website ranked in first page for query that has decent volume, well done.
  • As you write more and more articles, more keywords can be identified, thereby getting more first page rankings.
  • Once you get first page rankings for more than 20 queries, Google will see the click through rate for queries, depending on which your website get ranked for high volume keyword.

Get away 

Just don't ever think about Google, do onpage basic SEO and just continue writing contents user likes, remember search engine' main criteria is user engagement, if you can engage your audience, obviously you'll get rankings.

Fact: About 20-30% of Google results were not optimized for search engine rankings at all, they are chosen because of user engagement only.

"SEO is an art not a skill"

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