Google Auto ads: Should you use it?

Google recently released Auto ads which is based on machine learning, should you really use it in your blog? Let's find out.

Google Adsense Auto ads

What is Google auto ads? 

Google auto adsis new feature where the publisher gives full permission to Google to show ads anywhere in the site, Google uses it's machine learning to decide which ads to show at which slots so as to maximize clicks which benefits advertisers, publishers and Google. It may take 30-40 days for Google's machine learning algorithm to detect the ideal placements and type of ads to be shown.. and it's continuous, so it'll be experimenting with different slots and ads even after it gets into stable state.

Can i disable certain kind of ads in Google auto ads? 

Thankfully yes, you can disable any ads you don't want your users to see.

To enable auto ads,
Adsense> My ads> Auto ads

Here you're given choice to disable the kind of ads you do not want your users to see.

Type of ads in Google auto ads

Types of Ads in Adsense

As i have explained in Adsense guide,
There are 7 type of ads, all of them can be classified into two groups.

Personalized ads

The ads are shown according to users interests. These type of ads usually have better CPC than regular ads as it's used by companies for retargeting their audience.

Contextual ads

Contextual ads are the ads that are most relevant to the niche of the website, so these ads usually promote similar advertisers site irrespective of the visitor and has lower CPC than personalized ads.

The 7 type of ads are:

Text ads

Text ads are ads with only text in it, no images, no gifs and no videos, thereby having lower loading speed compared to other type of ads.

Display ads

These type of ads contain gifs/images upto 150KB or videos upto 1MB so it can significantly increase the loading Time of the page.

Infeed ads

Infeed ads are the ads that appear in-between the articles and are usually has the same style of the article feed so as to get maximum clicks. You can manually select the style of the ads to show image to the left, title to the middle etc..

In article ads

 In article ads are the ads that appears within the article, the style is automatically decided by Google to show ads that fits within the space.

Matched article ads

Matched article ads are my personal favorite, these ads usually detects the outgoing links in the articles to show the same or similar ads so as to get best user experience and best CTR.

Anchor ads

Anchor ads are the ads that appears only in mobile devices and stick to the bottom of tbe page, not recommended to use unless its just general information site.

Vignette ads

Vignette ads are the page level ads that appears in mobile devices, they are interstitial ads that occupy full screen, it appears when user move from one page to another.

If you're already using page level ads and has added the code to the website, there's no need to add it again, you can just select the ads to be shown in auto ads.

If you're not using page level ads, just select the ads to be shown,and paste the auto ads code in the site to enable auto ads.

In addition, you can also select to automatically get new format ads as and when they're released by Google.

You can select different type of ads to appear in different URL groups as well.

Advanced URL settings in auto ads> New URL group> select the URL group to show the ads> next
Here you're allowed to choose the type of ads to show in that respective site.

Should i use auto ads in my website or blog?

It highly depends on the traffic of your site, Kind of Audience, niche and authority of the website.

Suggest to use URL groups feature to use it in job listings or similar general sites and to monitor the performance and user experience in it.

If you're using directly on high traffic website, I strongly suggest to disable anchor ads as it usually disturbs user experience and try it in small subset of pages before applying it on the entire site.

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