Question and answers: A new style of blogging

People and other bloggers often ask me why most of this blog's articles are in question and answers format.. frankly speaking i had no reason to do this, i naturally write articles in that way, but here are 4 solid reasons why you should do it.

Question and answers

Reasons why you should write articles in Question and answers format


Throw a question at Google, It tries it's level best to throw back an answer without a need for visiting a site, now how's that? Well some of the common questions are identified by Google and is programmed to give back the answers but majority of it'll be fetched by a website.. you are also given website links if you need detailed information. This is called as website schema.

For this to happen you should be asking question and answer it yourself and use schema mark up which I'll explain in an upcoming article.

What is website schema?
Schema is a code or semantic vocabulary that is used in websites to help search engines return essential information to the users

User engagement

While I'm writing an article i often think of what more question can an user think of.. and i try to write article in question and answers format so that it easily answers all common questions. These kind of articles will usually have high user engagement and low bounce rate, which in turn helps the articles to rank up higher in search engines.

Voice search

The future of search is Voice search , reportedly 15% of US Google searches are now happening through voice, with Google home, Amazon echo occupying the market this trend is going to large scale very soon...
So how to optimize your blog for voice search?

Frankly speaking there's not much you can do to optimize your site for voice search, as the main objective of Google search remains the same, it should ideally suggest the same website it was referring in the normal search.

The basic difference between normal search and voice search is the length of the queries. People usually are lazy to type the entire query, but that's not the case with voice search, so more questions you ask in the article, more the chances the article will rank for those long tail keywords.


It's normally tough to make people naturally comment on the blog articles, they either do it for a backlink or they never do it all. But in this case it's different, as you're trying to answer questions, interested people generally ask a question or two which you have not covered in the article, some people will even ask to explain more and some comment why the answers are not correct, in any case you can explain people more which in turn helps the article to rank well in search engines.

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