4 High level strategies to improve your B2C business online

Finding it difficult to distinguish your business from competitors online? Here are 4 high level business strategies to improve your business online.

4 high level business strategies

4 Strategies to Improve B2C Business online

Forums & groups

Heard of word passive income? Passive income is income you earn without really working for it..
eg: Blogging, you work on writing Article for hours, it generates income while you're sleeping too..

How about business generating passive income?
Ever dreamt of something like customers doing SEO for your business site? Customers bringing in other customers for free? Customers writing important content for your site? 

From boosting your site search engine rankings and DA to boosting traffic and getting customers and conversions, a customer forum does it all... In fact several Business minded people start forum first before the business itself...

NGO partnership

*Works mainly for B2C businesses

Business is not about making Money it's rather about helping people and getting a fee for it. Why not do it directly? Selling products online? How about giving 1 rupee per every product to NGO?


  • You're helping people
  • High quality backlinks
  • Free online and offline promotions
  • Boost in sales

Company Partnership

"If you know which company to partner with you know how to make your company a success"

Selling picture prints? How about partnering with DSLR and camera phone sellers online and offline and giving customers 40% discount on your product?
Giving career guidance? There are tons of colleges to partner with.

Pitching bigger brands is impossible.. and is not recommended too.. you should partner with growing company in parallel niche to improve your business.


This is not a strategy but a mandatory part to attract potential audiences, hire those contents writers out there and publish articles that either gives solution to customers problems or enforce them to take an action..

Wait a sec.. all answers are accessible with click through Google search why would a customer come to my blog? 
Of course customers won't come to your blog searching for answers, but you push your blog articles at people who are mostly likely to read it.. through Facebook or other ads.

Consider Blogging with blogger series itself, I do not target new bloggers, i target college students who do not know anything about blogging.. but have heard of it as good source of money..don't you think they'll click my blog's ad on Facebook?

Cool how would blogging help with my business

  • Boosts SEO: blogs have dynamic content and hence publishing good number of articles covers almost all keywords.. it adds as an extra advantage if articles are made in such a way to get good number of query as comments.. 
  • Subscribers: it's relatively easier to get people subscribed to your business blog than to make them register in your site. Once you get their mail IDs you can easily target them on Facebook by creating lookalike audience, once you get more of these, target these people with display ads through platforms such as adroll. You can also target them with emails.
  • Ads: With blogs you can easily get good number of visitors to website at cheap prices.. through Facebook ads.. and now you can retarget these people with direct business ads.
  • Push notifications: As with the case of newsletter subscription, people subscribe to Push notifications as well.. with push notifications you can easily attract them to  your site
Yup that's it for today..

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