Quora Marketing- 4 Things you should know

Quora, once Known for awesome answers is Now a well known marketing medium. Quora is one of the best platforms to market online free of cost, Really? Maybe not for all.. Here are few things you should know before you start Marketing your brand on Quora.

Quora Marketing

4 things to remember while marketing in Quora

Reach of Answers decreases with increase in number of links included.

Check out your daily Quora news feed which comes to your mail, almost none of them contains a hyperlink!! Why? Of course Quora doesn't want its users to leave the site.. Linking to another Quora answer? No problem..

Unless you have huge following you'll never get good number of views to your answers. So..Do not include hyperlinks in your answers until you get decent number of followers. Make people follow you by writing quality Answers than concentrating on getting maximum number of clicks.

Colloborating with Quora writers is better than using Quora Ads

Yes.. the same doesn't apply to other social platforms, but when it comes to Quora, Quora Ads CPC are usually on higher side, while 50% of Best Quora writers are not associated with brand.
So.. Aiming to reach 1l customers instantly? you know what to do..

Quora Blogs

Why does Quora has blogs? why a blogger should write his exclusive articles on Quora blog.. one without ads.. one without design.. ? Quora blogs are untapped market to get customer attention for writers with good number of followers.

  • It's relatively easier to optimize Quora blogs to get good SERPs than optimizing your new blog.
  • No ads... Complete user attention towards articles..
  • Hosting Charges? it's free dude.. Unlimited readers.. unlimited bandwidth

Can't rank your site for important keyword? Try Quora

Its tough to rank your site for high volume keywords..but Quora can rank for good number of keywords.

You can

  • Write answers to the question and include link to your blog post. If you have good number of following and the quality of answer is very good,your answer will be featured first.
  • Contact the writer whose answer ranks first in Quora for that particular question and ask him/her to include your blog's link in the answer for a fee

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