4 Restaurant Marketing Strategies to follow

Restaurants is one of the most interesting form of business, In fact it's one of the easiest and craziest way to make money. Are you one among the people who own restaurant or people who have plans of starting a restaurant? This post is for you!!


What's one thing that people pay for and cannot live without even for single day? What else it's food, From dates to parties, from get together to marriages, Food is one thing that cannot be missed. Coming to marketing, A candid shot of one veg burger is all you need to get that initial thousands of likes to your Facebook posts. Let's see some high level strategies on how to market your restaurant.

4 Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Use properties to go social

Burger king is the brand that won Cannes Lions best marketer of the year award in 2017, The Primary Business Marketing strategy they used is Burger King paper crown, while the investment for it is almost nil, the response they got was just phenemonial.

People who went to Burger King are most likely foodies or bunch of friends who's curious on exploring restaurants other than popular ones, The best thing is over 40% of the people who went to Burger King for first time posted a pic with the paper crown in one of the social media accounts!!, Free marketing that spreads like fire.. what else do you want?

Burger King paper crown

Lesson learnt: Always have visually attractive small properties (preferably with brand name) in your restaurants.


Using online re marketing to make your customers come back to the restaurant. But the problem here is how do you target your customer without knowing their Mail id or phone number?

Again Brands like Burger King and McDonald's excel at this, they either collect your Mobile number or phone number while billing so that they can use customer match and target you online or use marketing technique in which they ask you to register in their website and use bill number to get unique 20% off voucher code that can be used in the next purchase.

Lesson learnt: Always collect your customers Mail ID or Mobile number to target them online.

Use contests and Influencers to get your customers

Only if you get enough customers you cam execute the above two strategies, but how to make people come to your restaurant at start?

Of course you should and must have a website and should actively run Facebook and GDN Campaigns with some attractive Pics, but that's not enough..

Contact local Food Bloggers and Leverage Restaurant search engines like Zomato to find out foodies and offer them 50% Discount or may be free food and ask them to leave review in restaurant search engines and Google Business page and share pics in social media.

Actively conduct online contests and offer unbelievable offers to winners to get your initial customers. Share some eye catching slow motion food videos to get uset attention.

Offline marketing

World is going digital, but offline marketing is not behind. Best Television ads can boost your brand in no time.

Use Banners only near your restaurant branches. Banners cannot directly help to you get your customers, but they make your customer remember your brand without effort. Always show case multiple offer banners very near to the restaurant to attract local people.

Gearing up for your restaurant marketing?


  1. Hi Harish.. Thank you for a great article! I love #3 to use contests and influencers to get your customers.. That's a great strategy and the great thing about this strategy, it can be used for any business! Thanks again for sharing this article

    1. Hi Davies, I'm glad you liked the article, Yes contests and influencers can be used for all kinds of business to boost sales


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