Blogging with Blogger- Creating your blog

Blogging with Blogger is a series of articles on how to create and maintain a professional blog freely with blogger, We teach everything from setting up your blog to SEO. If you have any doubts, you can ask it in the comment section, i will try to answer all the questions.
Blogging with blogger

I believe everyone has ideas, every person is unique and may think in their own view, but most of them suppress their ideas and never share their ideas with anyone .when you can share your ideas, publish your passion and create a followings for you and earn online all for free, why not do it? Blogger is one of the best platforms to launch your blog.

Signing in  and getting your Blogspot domain

Incase you don't know domain is the part of URL of the blog, SEO Which stands for search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website/blog to rank in search engines for particular queries.

Eg: if is url, is the domain name.

In blogger, you are given blogspot sub domains meaning which will be appended to your blog domain name.


You can also buy your own domain and link it to your free Blogger blog.

Advantages of  using free blogspot blog

  • It's relatively easier to make blogspot blog appear in search engine results than your custom blog this is because of the domain authority associated with blogspot blogs, so it's always recommended to use blogspot for few months and then shift to custom blog once your blog has enough number of subscribers.
  • When you select your domain name, you'll also be given all country domain extensions.This helps a lot in SEO of the blog as Google priorities country domain over other domains for a blog whose major traffic is from a particular country
Eg: once you purchase, (Indian extension) and (French extension) will direct to your blog itself.

Disadvantages associated with blogspot blog

  • Lesser brand value because of using freely available domain name for professional purposes.

To create your Blogger blog

  • Go to Blogger, sign in to your Google account
  • Once you're signed in, you'll be sent to the following page

  • You can are allowed to select between two options, one to use your existing Google+ profile or to create separate Blogger profile, I recommend you to choose Google+ as it'll link back to your Google plus account and boosts chances of your Google+ profile appearing in search results when people search for your name
  • Click on create a new blog 

  • In the next page, you are asked to choose title which's the name of the blog and domain.many common domains won't be available as it's either not for sale or already got by others.
  • While choosing domain it's always better to include keywords in domain, you can always change domain by buying domain and using redirection.
  • You are also asked to choose one of default themes, it can always be changed, you can choose contempo as it looks better and is responsive.

Congratulations, Now you are a Blogger.

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