Concept of Deep link Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a trend now, 70% of Business to consumer (B2C) Companies use affiliate marketing to boost their business.

Affiliate marketing
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Before going to the actual topic, let's see which are the major brands that are still using Affiliate marketing to boost business
  • Google (Google G suite)
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Alibaba
  • Adidas
But very few actually allow deep link affiliate marketing.

What is deep link affiliate marketing?

Deep link affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing program where an affiliate is allowed to create multiple affiliate links.

Why should one use multiple affiliate links?

Affiliates can in turn create group of members, where each member is given unique link to track affiliate conversions.

What's the main advantage of using deep links?

There are two main advantages of using deep links in affiliate marketing
  • No difficulty in getting approvals: your friend need not struggle getting his/her affiliation approved, they can easily join you, you may also take your share for this 
  • Increased revenue: Majority of affiliation works in incremental way, the more the number of sales, the more commission you get, so you and your friends together can get more commission than working independently.
Cool, Can't i create deep links myself?
No, if you create links it by appending custom parameters to the URL, you cannot track the sales from each links as you do not have their site's analytics.

Which are the companies that are allowing affiliates to create deep links?
Very few companies actually allows deep links, one such company is siteground, you can create custom links and track sales through each links independently and affiliate commission is incremental in nature, 50$ for first 5 sales, 75$ for next 5 sales and so on.., so you and your friends can get more money with Deep affiliate links than individual links in siteground.

Ok, why some companies are allowing deep links, isn't it a loss to them?
In terms of commission, it might be a loss, but in terms of branding it's a huge gain, the brand gets promoted in social media and Quora in no time. As companies usually prefer to pay more for brand awareness through offline and other channels, deep link affiliate marketing actually works cheaper than other media.

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