Affiliate marketing tips to increase conversions by 97%

Affiliate marketing is a boon for both the bloggers, startups as it is win-win situation for both. Though affiliate marketing is slowly getting high attention, only few are using it fully.

Affiliate marketing

Ok, you Contacted Bloggers in your niche, convinced them to promote your business through sponsored reviews, banners and what not. Among all other options, Sponsored post is the one that gets highest attention from viewers. Here's why

Advantages of Sponsored Posts 

  • It ranks well in search engines, so whenever an user searches for reviews of your startup products, it ranks well, thereby get good first impression from viewers.
  • It acts as a very important backlink
  • It builds high trust in customers
Sponsored reviews are great, But the best practices to make them even more better are

Sponsored Posts Best Practices

  • If the blog is of very high DA, make sure the title is general 
Eg: Shoutmeloud has an article which says" Complete tutorial to add push notifications to your WordPress site" to promote pushengage, instead of  having the title as " pushengage review"
  • Make sure the Blogger is promoting only your site for that particular service or product, this may cost a bit, but is very helpful at the end
  • If the blog is of average DA, General articles are not recommended as more than 2 general articles in Search engines looks fishy.
  • Let the article explain each and every aspect of your product including  complete guide on how to use it, why to use it, when to use it, why it's better than Competitors and pricing, But the article should not have the exact sentences in the product page, as it may get penalized by Google.
  • It'll be great if you can give unique discounts for every customer who buys the product/service through the article.
Cool the sponsored post is published and got good impressions from visitors, but the post will soon lose its charm in the blog in a few days as it becomes old.

What can be done to keep Sponsored Posts it alive

  • Banner ads: while banner ads are great and can be visually appealing, the conversion rates are pretty low, you can give it a try anyway
  • Pop under and pop up ads: I won't recommend it as nobody likes these ads
  • Another sponsored post: ok it can bring up some conversions, but more than 2 posts about the same brand is not recommended
  • External links directly to the site: Again, A mature Blogger will never give do follow backlink again, and the conversion rates are also low as they will not be knowing much about your brand
  • Internal links to the article: This can be done in two ways:
  1. Direct internal links: Interlinking to the article that contains sponsored review in some post by mentioning about the service/product whenever appropriate, 20% of the audience who reads the new post may land up in the sponsored review post
  2. Indirect internal links: writing you may like to read this post in the middle of the article, which links back to the sponsored review post
In this way, not only the articles remains fruitful even for months, but it also improves search engine rankings of the post, as it is interlinked many times, but remember not to over do this.

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