How to Build and Maintain Brand Value

No matter what, Customers are our God, Satisfying our customers should be our primary goal. Here's My view on how to build and Maintain your Business Brand Value.

Brand value

Steps to Build and Maintain Brand Value

1. Domain Name selection

Though this is not much important, Its always wise to select domain that's unique, catchy, short and related to the niche but not a general Keyword.

Eg: (Talk to)

If a appropriate domain name is chosen, Site will rank top in search engine for the domain,as soon as site's verified by analytics and Search console

It is always preferred to choose popular extensions like  .com,in, Net or country specific extension instead of custom extensions like .pic as customers will assume the site to be spam if the site has unusual extension ( till it becomes famous).

2. Making your Brand Popular

This is much more easy if the domain name is somewhat funny, other than that the other methods to make your brand popular are

  • Use # your brand in all of social media posts especially in Twitter, as this also ranks up in search engines, It gives good impressions to visitors
  • Be Present in atleast 4 Social Media
  • Use Brand Name in some mails and social media posts, Instead of writing as "5 white hat SEO secrets", you can write "Boost Bloggers presents 5 Seo secrets to Boost up your site seo", By doing this you are making your audience sub consciously remember your brand name, so whenever an article ranks up in search engine, Customer is most likely to click on the link, as they assume your site as Branded site.

3. Website Design

At the end, the customer lands in your site, If site is not visually appealing, if the site has too many bugs, If the site does not load fast, Customer will leave the site, So A website should be fast, good and responsive.

A Good site should and must have
  • Search bar: Not everyone has patience to go through the site.
  • Contact us: Every customer expects great customer service post transaction, so if a site doesn't have any contact numbers, custom might not buy anything
  • About us: This applies mostly to B2B Business startups, Companies or the customer expects to know about the company before they can make the purchase, Along with other information, Include how do you make the product or how the service works.
You can Include
  • Slideshow listing all the products/services you offer, used only when the number of products is small. Best used after the menu and offers slideshow, This one should not be big, Instead something like Facebook corousel works cool.
  • Testimonials: Include testimonials from persons related to the niche, testimonials from random person looks fake
  • User reviews: User reviews are not mandatory, infact big players like myntra are neglecting this, for startups, it is better to include user reviews. One should also make sure that all products have decent rating and number of reviews.

Brand Maintenance

After coming to know of your brand, the first thing the customer does is search for reviews. So make sure that

  • Google play store and Google Business ratings are more than 4
  • All the posts that ranks up in first when searched for your brand review are positive Because 33% of new customers search for review before making a purchase
It is best to get sponsored posts from atleast 4-5 High DA Blogs Related to the niche, So this will rank up in first page of Google, thereby forcing websites like mouth shut and complaint boards to go the second page which will not be visited by the customer.

If sponsored posts are not possible, Atleast try to make sure that the company maintains Good ratings in General review sites like mouth shut.

So whenever a customer searches for the reviews, He/she will be satisfied.

If you want to know the whole idea of making your brand a success read Market your business online

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