Free Marketing tools from Google [Part 1]

Google owns around half of the digital marketing field. Infact Google gets around 90% of its revenue from Google AdWords alone. So Google always try to attract bloggers, website owners and digital marketing people with its marketing tools. Today we're going to tell you the free marketing tools from Google you should be using.


Free Google Marketing tools

Google trends

Google trends is free to use marketing tool from Google, that shows the currently trending searches.

The home page shows the currently trending topics, once you select a topic and the date range, you will be presented with information like 
  • Most viewed articles on the topic.
  • Exact queries and frequencies
  • Interactive maps
  • Interactive graph and much more.
You could also Subscribe to receive posts about the trending topics by mail. You could also choose the country of your interest and the frequency of the mails.

For eg: if you choose india and frequency of mail as one week, you get notifications of the trending events and searches in India every single week.

In Top charts column you can know the most searched queries in particular year for particular country.

For eg: if you select United States and 2015, the page displays the most searched queries, news, people, movies and actors in 2015 in united States.

You can also search for query of your interest and find the search frequency of that particular query in any country and you can also compare it with other queries.

Google trends it and digital marketing

Google alerts

Google alerts is another useful tool from Google, it's a tool that alerts you whenever a specific query is searched in Google or if it's mentioned anywhere in the web.

For eg: you can ask Google to alert you whenever anyone searches for your blog/company or if your company name is used in any site.

               Google alerts
You can
  • Choose the frequency of alerts
  • Source of alert like news, blogs, videos etc.
  • Language
  • Region
  • How many alerts are to be sent
  • The delivery email address.
  • The delivery time
  • Enable digest to receive a digest of all the alerts in single mail.

Google shopping insights

Google shopping insights is a tool that helps e commerce store owners and retailers understand how consumers shop for products.

Google shopping insights

Google shopping insights can be used to
  • Know the consumer interests at national, regional and city level
  • Compare demand across geographies, time and platforms
  • Get ideas for local promotion
To know more about this tool visit About Google shopping insights

The homepage displays the stories, top products and trending  shopping queries.

You can also search for any products and know the frequency of its search, the demographics of the potential customers and much more.

This tool is still in beta stage and is only limited to US as of now. It'll be soon updated for all regions, If you are interested in this tool keep an eye on it.

Google business

Google business is not actually a tool but a website to make customers to aware of your business through Google search engine.

Google business

You can give information like contact details, address, website and timings. The users are allowed to review your company which will also be displayed, Even social media pages and their ratings can also be included.

After you successfully added your business, you will get access to analytics. Where you can get information like how many are searching for your company, the reviews and how your company is rated in other sites.

The main advantage of using Google business is that the company website will be listed first in search results whenever a customer searches for it.

To be continued...

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