How to Sell EBooks for Hefty price

It's everyone's dream to earn more and become a millionaire without working hard from 9-5, Though it's not  easy, it definetly is not impossible. Though there are many ways for a blogger to earn money, the Most easiest and customer friendly way is to sell ebooks. Here are few tips on how to sell ebooks for hefty price.

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4 Steps to sell ebooks for big price


Whether you are selling an ebook you wrote or selling a software you created, make sure you Identify your customers and how much they can pay for the book and what contents of your niche is not freely available in the web, 
  • Write a complete guide on something  eg: Bitcoin, affiliate marketing
  • Teach a skill through ebook
  • Give your own solution to a problem
Ebook should be of minimum 30 pages, and must include about the author, table of contents and index columns. The ebook should be prepared in a standard way, let the header contain the title of the book and page number and footer contain the blog name/ logo and author name

In the about section Include a good image of you, write about yourself, the services you offer and more about the blog. So that it not only markets your blog but also you.

To make sure that the ebook is gramatically correct, you can make use of Grammarly.
There are few standards according to which the ebook should be written ( font size, spacing etc) to sell it in stores like Amazon kindle. Make sure the ebook is written in the same format.

Include a detailed description of the contents of the book and why one has to purchase it in the description part of the product page in the store where you are selling the book.


I have written an article exclusively on How to market your business do read it.

Gaining trust

It can be done in three ways

As i have said in marketing article, give the service/ product for free, but not entirely free this is what you can do
  • Give it for free, if its an ebook, include it in e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Instamojo.
  • Many ecommerce stores like Amazon Kindle uses DRM(Digital rights management) , so that the user cannot actually download the ebook but can only access it using the ecommerce site or application. Though there are softwares and tools to break DRM, it's illegal and many won't try it. If you are selling thousands of  ebooks, encrypt your ebooks with Adobe acrobat encryption so that only the recipent with a particular email id can open it.
  • Promote it well, in some platforms like Instamojo, there are free for share option, in which the customer has to share the product page in a social media in order to download it for free, make use of this to promote the services well. 
  • Request your customers to review the product, if the product is great, it could get heavy positive reviews. Repeat until you get atleast 200 to 300 reviews. It Builds a huge trust in customers especially in sites like Amazon as there's a verified customer tag associated with every customer reviews.

Raise the price

Now the products have good  verified customer reviews in platforms like amazon, even if you change the price, the reviews will not be deleted, Once the products are sufficiently popular slowly raise the price to half of your expected price. Promote it more. and then slowly raise the price to the final price.
  • Do Include a preview, now the ebooks are no longer free, so you cannot expect a customer to blindly purchase an ebook, so it's better to include previews, Include a chapter of the ebook in the preview
  • Make use of Affiliate marketing to promote your products more, give a hefty commission for affilates. Some e-commerce stores like Instamojo has in-built free affiliate marketing services. You can also ask the affiliate partners to promote the ebook through Amazon associates.
The biggest advantage of using Amazon Kindle is that you yourself can promote your product using your Amazon associate account and receive commissions.

That's it. 


  1. These are quite valid points and they have increased my confidence to write an e book soon. I had been planing from an year to do this work. Hopefully soon now.


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