Topic Sponsoring- New way of Blog Monetization

Ever thought of way of monetizing your blog without ads, affiliate marketing, selling ebooks or throwing backlinks? Topic sponsoring is new way to monetize your blog, let's explore.

Yesterday evening, i was going through an article in Training industry website, and just below the article, I saw this.

Topic sponsoring in Training industry

Then out of curiosity i explored other topics and saw different sponsors. This is what is called Topic sponsoring

What is Topic sponsoring?

Topic sponsoring is a unique way of blog monetization where few websites/companies sponsors certain topics of a blog and receives credibility and link( Preferably follow) for each article in that respective topic of the blog.

Eg: Consider SEJ sponsors SEO topic of my blog, so for all the articles under SEO section of Boost Bloggers, we will mention SEJ as sponsors and preferably give them a follow link.

Advantages of Topic sponsoring

  • Ad less monetization of blog: Banner ads are mostly one of oldest and most hated kind of ads, with topic sponsoring you don't have to show any ads and make them click on ads to generate revenue. Making the website ad free also helps in speeding up the site which indirectly influences SEO
  • No loss of traffic: With paid backlinks and ads, some level of loss in traffic/ deviation in user behaviour is expected. (without which you can't make money), with Topic sponsoring, 99.9% of people will not click on logos of brands and hence traffic is loss is almost nil.
  • No need to sell to make revenue : With topic sponsoring you need not worry about converting or making users take some action for you to make money. This literally makes you feel that maintaining your blog is only thing you should do to continue earning easily.

How does topic sponsoring helps sponsorors 

  • Topic sponsoring helps brand reach out their exact target audience effortlessly without any sort of distortion/ change in price. Sponsoring exactly related topics is the key to do this
  • Branding: Banner ads are becoming lesser effective because of Banner blindness, where visitors subconsciously ignore banner like information. While topic sponsoring helps users subconsciously remember the Brand name, Though the probability of them to visit site is less. But when search ad or result of brand shows up (even in lower position), users are most likely to click it as they assume the brand as well known.
  • Builds relationship with Bloggers: Topic sponsoring helps in building relationship between brand and blogger/ Influencer with more trust and confidence
  • Effortless: Unlike affiliate marketing campaigns, Sponsored posts or paid campaigns, the amount of effort needed for this is very low.
  • Long run campaigns: Topic sponsoring campaigns are mostly run for Year or half yearly. So the blog can eventually grow to get much more traffic while brand will be paying same as decided at start of campaign
  • Helps SEO: Google doubts single links from domains, Getting hell lot of backlinks (no follow/follow) from well maintained and higher quality blog Helps very much to improve SEO to good extent

Audience question
How to create Topic sponsoring section in blogs?
This section is very easy to create, all you have to do is have header as Topic sponsors and paste brand logos giving link to respective website


A coin no matter what it is made of always have two faces, so here are drawbacks of Topic Sponsoring
  • Costly: Yes  Sponsoring topics of blog might seem to be costly especially when it comes to annual or Bi Annual plan and make brands think of it's ROI. But this sometimes can be compensated by providing articles
  • Exclusivity: More the number of sponsors to the topic in the blog, lesser is user's attention to the brand, So maintaining least number of sponsors while getting good revenue may seem as challenge for Bloggers
  • Tracking: The effect of topic Sponsoring cannot be directly tracked because of negligible clicks and needs too much of effort to Analyse effect of these in paid campaigns. While effect on SEO can be tracked to decent extent.
  • No control of content: Yes brands generally will not have control over the content or affiliate links in articles. Blogger might be promoting your competitors without notification which dilutes the topic sponsoring goals. This problem can be solved by having certain terms and conditions.
Are you ready for new way of monetize your blog?

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