YouTube Timestamp and how it helps YouTube SEO

Ever heard of feature of YouTube which allows you to start video at certain time stamp? These are called YouTube Timestamp and here's how it helps SEO

YouTube Timestamp

Youtube Timestamps

Youtube Time stamps is an SEO Technique being used by Official Google Youtube channel and few other channels which helps to rank part of video for important queries in search engines.

When user searches for a related query, Part of Video(which answers the query) will be presented to the user in the featured snippet and user can watch the video without going to Youtube.

YouTube featured snippet example

Time stamp links are very much similar to Hash fragments in Articles, Instead of Hash Fragments, Time parameters are appended to URLs and will be added as hyperlink in video description.

Here's an example

Youtube video link:
Timestamp link:

The v parameter says which video it is and t parameter says time from which video should be started. Upon clicking the above link, user will be directed to 45th second of the video

These type of links can be embedded into the video description in the following manner

Google Ads YouTube channel using Timestamp

Google ads channel using timestamp

Helps both to rank up in search engines as well as SEO for Multiple Queries contained in the text following timestamp links


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