An Interview with Thomas van der Kleij- Founder of Tapfiliate

Affiliate marketing is the next big thing in digital marketing, Big brands like Amazon depends on Affiliate Marketing. But is there great tool for building Affiliate Marketing software within your site? Yes.

We have with us Thomas van der Kleij- Founder of Tapfiliate to explain about Tapfiliate and how it helps brands

Thomas van der Kleji

  • Hi Thomas, Glad to have you with us, Please Introduce yourself to our beloved audience
My name is Thomas van der Kleij, founder of Tapfiliate. In previous lives I have set up a free printing service for students and a social network for startups.

  • Please tell us about Tapfiliate, How it was founded, Challenges faced in establishing Tapfiliate as a brand 
Tapfiliate offers software that empowers businesses to create, manage and grow affiliate, influencer and referral programs. I founded the company because I had witnessed both sites of affiliate marketing (both as advertiser and as affiliate) and really felt there was a lot of room for improvement
  • How is Tapfiliate different and better than Competitors like Post affiliate Pro and Refersion?
Tapfiliate primarily sets itself apart in the areas of automatability and integratability. You can set up a program real easy (in a matter of minutes) and grow into the platform as you go, by automating processes and connecting with other tools you love. We don’t like bashing competitors. When we get this same question in support requests, we usually advice people to try them all and see what is the best for them.

Which according to you are the 5 Strong Reasons why online businesses should consider affiliate marketing as major part of their digital marketing strategy?

a. It adds an extra channel of (converting) traffic.
b. Using affiliate marketing, you can build a lasting, loyal tribe of brand promoters. 
c. This is a valuable long-term asset for your business Since you select which partners you work with, you gain control and transparency
d. Affiliate marketing is no-cure no pay, so usually quite riskless
e. When you get the right partners, you brand will be shown in relevant places (instead for instance alongside fake news or scams), thus enforcing your brand value instead of inadvertently deteriorating it
  • Why should Businesses consider going with Tapfiliate rather than building their own affiliate marketing site? 
Primarily because our platform offers proven optimization tools to both advertisers as affiliates, thus creating higher yield and competitiveness for your affiliate program.

  • Affilaite marketing directly or indirectly is making internet more biased with recommendations and reviews What’s your opinion on this statement?
Glad you asked! Affiliate marketing is a tool and it all depends how you use that tool. In our opinion, doing the right kind of affiliate marketing brings a better balance to the trinity of advertiser, publisher and end user. This is because the human touch that is involved with it, promotes nicer and more relevant ads.

  • Recurring Commission or Incremental commission, which one do you think will attract more affiliate signups, which do you think is useful in long run? 
 I would look at it from another perspective. Affiliate attention is scarce. There is a whole lot they can chose from. It is up to the advertiser to create an enticing proposition. There are many components to such a proposition. Think indeed of commission structure, but also of factors like ad quality, funnel performance, cookie time, payout times and thresholds etc.. This is also one of the reasons why self-running an affiliate program is so interesting: Since there are no per-conversion commissions payable to the platform, that extra money can be used to create an even more competitive proposition towards affiliates.

  • If you were to give one piece of advice to youngsters who dream to be successful entrepreneurs, what would it be? 
Let’s go with something non standard: Learn how to program. This will empower you to bootstrap businesses in no-time and try what works and what doesn’t. Do keep in mind that this is one of many routes, but it is a route that has worked tremendously for me.

  • One Last Question, What’s your view on our Blog Boost Bloggers?
Awesome and persistent ;-) guys. Keep up the good work!

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