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What're the most important features that are missing in cab booking service brands like ola and uber?

Uber ola

Introducing "Suggestions" - new category under which we'll be trying to evaluate positives, negatives and improvements a brand or category of business as whole can do that would benefit their customers and improve their businesses

1. Destination time constraints

One feature that's usually missing in cab and auto booking services is the urgency to reach the destination.

Going late to the interview/ Exams/ Very important meetings could actually affect one's professional life to significant extent. Apart from this, people will usually be tensed about getting late which would adversely affect their mood on reaching destination. Solving this problem itself could boost brand's confidence in the customer's mind.

How could this be done?

Prevention is better than cure, so how to prevent a customer from arriving late to an important event?
  • Ask customers to note their most important events and remind them to schedule ride 24h in advance.

Not all customers are structured and disciplined enough to mark and schedule rides for important events, so how to deal with customers who book ride just before the event.
  • Limiting the waiting time: This could be done by priotizing the urgent customers first
  • Destination time bonus to Riders: Riders could be given additional 20% bonus if they reach the destination within the stipulated time
  • Selecting the right rider: Historical data of riders who reach destination early could be analysed and prioritized higher than other riders for these types of rides.

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