Excited state- Secret of Startup Success

Over 60% of milliennials who're confident of their skills wants to start their own organization and wear the shoes of entrepreneurship, if all of the skilled employees start their own startup, who'll succeed? Are skills enough for success of a startup?


The Excited state- Secret of startup success

1. Humans are programmed to chase something they don't have and neglect something they  have. The Same applies to education and Career. This explains why college goers bunk their classes and 9-5 job is considered as boring career life. People get their thrill in doing something that they're not supposed to do according to the defined rules.

2. Its very easy for a person to learn/succeed when its new experience to them.

Explains why babies can learn swimming, new language or any skill easily while adults who know what that is can't.

Most of the millennials who know their key strength areas wants to try and implement their own ideas. They'll be in the same level of energy when they join or start a startup. This state of the person can be referred to as the excited state of the Career.

  • They have numerous ideas
  • They have enough self confidence to prove their ideas can be implemented inspite of overconfidence comments from the next generation of employees.
  • They'll have urge to prove themselves 
  • They have broad plan in mind as to how to make their ideas a reality and make hell lot of money

But there's catch either of the below situation will follow

  • They step down from excited state to normal state within few months or years
  • They come to know of their potential and will try to do something of their own
  • Leave the company for better exciting opportunity within few years.
"Success of a startup depends of number of employees in the excited state and the power and freedom they have to prove themselves"
People in the excited state are tough to keep, as
  • They might get bored of regular work and wants to try something the Organization can't afford 
  • They're aware of their potential and are costly
  • They want to start something of their own 
  • Offers from competitors 
  • They don't have freedom to implement their ideas
  • They often don't like competition within the organization

How many of your employees are in excited state?

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