5 Key Characteristics an Entrepreneur Should Possess

As an Entrepreneur, you'll always be inclined towards telling the world about your business. Getting excited about the ideas, you're full of confidence. But what matters the most in the startup world are the characteristics you don't possess.

An Entrepreneur

5 Key Characteristics an Entrepreneur Should Possess

1. The Winning attitude

I call the following as lookalike principle, it states that if you can find one, you can find many.

Years back, one of my friend started an e-commerce store on first copy watches. I was really excited on this and asked him how he would convince a person to buy from an unknown e-commerce store that too for high price tag. He told the following statement

We've already sold watches to 500+ people. If i can start with zero and reach 500, can't i reach 5000 with kickstart of 500 happy customers?

Summary: If you can convince one client, there will be hundreds of similar clients of same range who you can easily convince, how to find and reach them is another story.

2. Listening

The trait which very few entrepreneurs possess. Do you listen or hear things to reply for?

Most of the entrepreneurs believe that more they listen, the more person at the other end of the table would take control of them which is a very wrong perception.

Asking employees to talk more about their problems n experience in the company or asking clients in detail about their their perspectives about the situation or problem would give them more belief about you.

But that'a not all. Making people talk is one part of the story. Taking actions based on their talk is the part which builds confidence in you.

3. Being real

80:20 rule says that about 80% results of the results are achieved by mere 20% of effort. When applied to corporate world, the 80% of the other effort entirely goes to

  • Making client believe they're receiving 200+ hours of work from highly qualified professionals
  • Making employees believe they'll receive hike post review
  • Making people believe that they're key players when they've just put down their papers
More the drama in the company, more toxic will be the workplace. People would easily notice everything which might disturb work effeciency and trust.

4. Crtiticizing in private

Believe me, this will save your organization from danger of employee hatredness.

No employees likes to be humiliated infront of other colleagues. This is the one of the worst thing you could do to an employee. Crtiticizing in-front of other employees would cause the following effects.

  • Damage the respect they receive from their juniors
To be continued

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