5 Significant Flaws in Google Search

Google Search is undoubtedly one of the best products developed in the world. With Simple concept of identifying the right website for each query, Google has made our lives easier with less information to remember. But just like any other products, Google search also has few flaws. We did small study on Flaws of Google Search. Presenting the results of the same.

Google Search

#5 Both Mobile site and Desktop Site in SERP

1 Crore Retirement Google Search

Desktop and Mobile versions of same page appearing as results for a query is definitely bad user experience. Google Could easily do Mobile indexing only mobile sites of the website (if the site has separate subdomain for mobile) to avoid the issue.

#4 Same Content Results

Have seen this for  Good percentage of high volume blog queries. Literally the same copy paste content pages appearing one down the other in Google Search results. Google could easily have inbuilt software that checks the similarity in first 30 results to avoid this.

Early Retirement is tempting

Observe the search results bloombergquint and fa-mag, not only the descriptions are same but the entire content in the pages are full copy paste and still manages to top the results.

#3 "Stay in Site" Search Results

This is one of the Black Hat SEO Technique used to make people engage better in the website (Applies to Visits from Search engine as well)

Stay in site in a technique where user isn't allowed to go back to the Google search result in a click. This is usually done in 3 ways.

a. Slideshows with each of the slide going to separate pages hence making it tough for the user to come back to search results
This was pretty common few years before, but websites themselves are avoiding this for better user engagement. But using this technique doesn't seem to have any effect on SEO

b. 1 Click go back to Main Page Results

This is preferred strategy. Naukri.com uses this too. 
  • You search for data science jobs in Bangalore in Google search
  • Click on Naukri page SERP Results
  • You browse the page and click the back button to go back to SERP. 
Clicking the back button from the Naukri Page, You'll be directed to the the below page (Search Form Page) which is an intermediate page between search results and SERP Results which helps to engage the user better for the sites. (Might not come for each user and result)

Naukri Search Form Page

This is bad user experience as the user is expecting to return to the SERP with a back click.

c. No Going Back Pages

These pages doesn't allow you the user to go back to SERP with a back click, User has to just exit from the page to come out of the website.

#2 Outdated Ratings of Apps

Ratings of Apps displayed in Google Search are usually outdated, which makes user click on wrong apps

Personal Loan Apps in Google Search

5 out of the 6 App had different ratings in Playstore with difference upto 0.4 stars.
There's about 7-10 days delay in the updation of number of app details from Playstore to Google Search
Google Could make sure it crawl its own properties regularly to avoid this.

Money Tap Playstore Page
Money Tap having rating difference of 4.3 in playstore while Google Search Shows 4.1

#1 Allowing Malicious Redirection webpages to rank for Queries 

Example Query: Darshan Net Worth.

Darshan Net Worth Search Result

Here the page of Celebstrendnow.com is ranking for the query and it redirects directly to ad site.
Definitely bad user experience- This is mostly found for queries with Good Enough Volume adding to the flaw.

Do you know any other Major Flaws of Google Search?

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