4 Sales Principles that drives business success

Sales and ads (which are sale channel for other businesses, which again needs to be pitched to clients which involves sales) are the revenue models of any business.. Let's Explore few sale principles which are currently in use in various businesses.

4 Key Sales Principles

Whether its 5Rs chocolate or Software worth millions or just tickets for a simple webinar, Movement of Money commodity with profit margin for each middleman involved is the way economy works.. 

4 Key Sales Principles of Business

1. Can't Say No Principle-  (We Don't Recommend)

Can't say no Principle as name signifies is a sale strategy where the sale person is usually in known to the customer and held at-least at Good regard by the customer whether by professional or personal relationship 

This is the most common strategy and used mostly both personally and professionally. The Success depends on the Bond between sale person and customer and the buying power of the customer.
Strategy used here is the customer will lose respect from the Sale person if he rejects the product and hence buys to save the bond between them.

Let me give example of how this is used personally for manifesting people and professionally to drive business


Mostly used for purposed starting from friendship, and goes till dating and affairs .
  • Facebook Requests: Can't be rejected when you know the person
  • Texting regularly: Can't be rejected again and after a certain stage, person will start asking i should text first always, hence trying to establish bond
  • Asking for small help
  • Dating and the list goes on.. 

  • Life insurances ( Mostly sold by close relative or friends), 
  • Products with network marketing tie-ups (e-bizz, RMP etc)
  • Affiliate Marketing or resell business  (Meesho etc)
  • Pitching friends in their business
  • Senior Asking Junior for additional help 

2.  Repeated Influence Principle

Repeated influence is based on the fact that " if a person comes across information multiple times by trusted sources, they'll believe it to be true"

  • You listen to just a average song for 2 times everyday for 50 days- Song is Great
  • Say you're Awestruck by Actor's performance in a movie.. Actor is average.. you start seeing all their movies.. Eventually he/she seems beautiful/ handsome to you
  • Many of your Friends telling someone is of very good character
  • Linkedin: "I attended this workshop by X  and it was fantastic" - you see this 30 people mentioning about X.. you're actually looking for X kind of person for consulting.. Done- Sale Converted
Do you think all 30 people posted themselves about X in their feeds? really?
  • Television ads for Top of Mind Marketing- Next time, you're buying product of that category, for sure you'll atleast consider it as brand.. if you see digital marketing of the brand ad when searching for products... There's chances you'' buy the product

3. #Established Principle

This is most commonly used in B2B segment- On lighter note, every company you meet say they're Top 10 in their respective fields...  Every prospective candidate they're expert in their field... Doesn't work

This principle is rarely successful in B2C segment unless the brand is child brand of already established brand (Jio Mart) or they're selling product for the lowest price possible (Grofers, Mi), Its mostly based on the below
  • Confidence what they offer is of highest quality for the price
  • The Offering is actually of Very Good value for the price its sold
  • They have enough investment to sustain in the market and provide long term support for the customers
  • Excessive Viral Marketing- Mostly TV, Influencer or Word of Mouth
Oneplus achieved this in India within short span of time

4. The Mysterious


Here the Brand gives few small glimpses about the product is- in a very stylish and next level ad which acts as first customer touch point.

Based on assumption about the consumer journey
  • People find mysterious as interesting
  • Try to discover more about the offering- 
  • Sub consciously make them feel they searched for brand.. and its not push advertising.. 
  • Considers to give it a try
  • Shares to friends
Very commonly used for upcoming products by Popular brands like Apple and Oneplus
This principle is used by new brands mostly for product or service of low ticket size

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