Growth Observations: Neil Patel

 Introducing new category of "Growth Observations" in your Blog, Focusing on the observations on original strategies, new tools and innovations. Today, we're trying to dig deeper on one of the most popular website and blog in the field- The Neil Patel Website.

Neil Patel

1. Landing Page Customization as per city

Upon coming to the homepage of the site, the first thing you observe is the customization of the first message as per the city.

Neil Patel- Geo Based landing page customizations

And the site is made for international traffic so all pages have the respective copies in popular international languages

2. Versions of Home Pages

Search for Who is Neil Patel in Google,

The Very first result is obviously from the website- But is the fragmented version of homepage,the%20100%20most%20brilliant%20companies.

The Text is Who is Neil Patel?The 100 most brilliant companies (%20 represents space and %3f represents ? in URLs)

3. The Hyperlinks

All the hyperlinks from Neil patel blogs are set with  Target=_blank and Rel="no refferer no opener" tags

Neil Patel Hyperlink Structure

Interestingly even the internal links are also setup in the same way.

4. Usage of Key Moments in all Youtube Videos

Neil Patel Videos: Youtube Key Moments

5. Google Optimize and Lazy Load

6. The Affiliate Links

The In-Loop Affiliate Links

Article >>^55

Incase you're curious- just change the numbers after np in the first link to find out all neil patel affiliate links and partners- 0097 is last number which redirected me to



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