3 New Industries that might go big in future

We did not had an idea that Digital Transformation will be the future 20 years back, in fact the radical shift of mobile phones from basic sets to the smartphone was not anticipated by anyone at-least not that fast. Looking forward, We're Sure VR, Senior Citizen Homes, Robotics, AI is gonna rock the future, but let's have a wild guess on the other industries that might rule in the near future

3 New Industries that might rule the future

1. Farm Houses and Corporate Farming

Farm House

What exactly are the farm houses?

Farm houses are homes built on farm lands that houses the people who owned or worked on the land. Technically speaking, farm houses are common practice in countries like India 1900's and before as the residential and agricultural spaces, but currently farm houses are getting popular especially among the HNI (High Net Worth ) Individuals as almost all sports and Movie stars own and choose to settle in their farm houses in their 40's.

Some of the Indian Celebrities who own farm houses

  • Virat Kohli
  • Shar Rukh Khan
  • M S Dhoni
  • Abhishek Bacchan
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Amir Khan

Why Farm house, how's it different from normal house

  • Back In the Lap of Nature- You can leave peacefully In the Midst of Nature- Reason people are choosing to settle in farm houses in their 40/50's after 2-3 Decades of their career life in high stress cities. Private Gardens, Swimming pools won't be a worry here.
  • The Land Price of the home is that of the farm land- There's huge 5-10x difference between residential land and farm land price-however you're allowed to built farm house of 5% of space while 95% of the rest should be farm- But Since farm lands are usually vast- even 1 Acre, you could build 2000 sqft farm house
  • Agricultural Revenue is 100% Tax free- Okay, do you need another reason, rather than earning 40L CTC in corporate and getting 2 Lakh in-hand salary, You can earn the same with exactly 24L Profit here
  • Living in a Vast Space- Since you're actually living in acres of land, your neighbor cannot be even heard, No reason to worry while you're having full theatrical sound on your TV
  • Status Symbol- With Popularity rising up, Owning Farm house can be soon be seen s a status symbol

However there are certain Cons Associated with Famr house such as

  • There are rules to construct farm houses- Not more than 2 floors etc that depends on country and even by states
  • There might be more mosquitos- although modern technologies can keep them far
  • As there's Farm- There will always be people working in farm

Corporate Farming

Now, As the rich owns the farm, who exactly works in the farm?, can the owners of the farm actually look after the people, Well some might be interested, but most are not

What happens is that brands employ people to work in farms and look after the farm business and pay the farm owners a fixed amount of money on monthly basis- This concept is called as Corporate farming.
As the Income is still generated out of agriculture, The farm owner can enjoy 100% Tax Exemption on the revenue generated.

Prime Real Estate Builders might start Farm Apartments

As it gets popular, it will be affordable to the upper middle class, It might happen that Real Estate Builders like Prestige, Shobha, Total Environment can start Farm Apartments where the owner not only get the home at cheaper cost in non residential layout, but also gets paid monthly through the corporate farming concept ( Real estate builders are likely to tie-up with Farming based brands for the same).

But, Is this actually going to be good
Mostly yes, as it encouarages more greenery and hence lower down global warming, likely to reduce stress among humans. With more food being produced locally the prices of the raw food might come down thereby making the basic necessities even more affordable, Shift of people from Tier 1 cities back to Tier 3 cities in their later ages helps to reduce population density. With Aged people being around similar age people, they're likely to be more satisfied

However, there are few cons like slight decline in exports, with corporate farming- the quality of produced food might come down drastically. Travel industry that's mostly on nature front might lose charm.

2. Senior Citizen Education

Senior Citizen Education

Yes I'm sure, You Won't Agree to this, But We feel this is likely to happen because of the following reasons

A.  The Age Reversal Science

Science says people actually experience life in 2 parts- After the Mid Part, people actually go back in age and are likely to behave in same way.

Eg: People experience their second teenage like energy in their 50's (Their harmone changes in both teenage and mid 50s)- Source
People experience their Second Childhood again in their 60/70's- Source

Understanding this, the consumer cycle are likely to repeat again
Eg: Baby Diapers will be replaced by Adult Diapers

Similarly, The Senior Citizen Education (For people over age of 55) is likely to be a trend in near future 

B. The Average Age of Developing Nations

The Average age of a person is always greater in Developing Nation than developed nation as The Purchasing powers peaks at 35-40. Considering the average age movement in United states, Average age of a person in US is likely to be 40 in Next 15 years, which means the brands should focus on the products that's bought in these ages or make people of these ages buy their services.
This might indirectly bring in education sector again in the second half of people's lives one or the other way

C. The Need of Socializing

As i previously mentioned, People in their early 50s are likely to behave like teenagers or their early 20's- This is the period where socializing hits its peak and age period when most friends and memories are made. Although the same kind of emotion pop ups again in their 50s, the way society is setup does not encourage the same. The Secondary Citizen Education highly encourages this.

What will be the Senior Citizens be taught

Definitely not history, Mathematics, As the Intent here is not actually to get employed- The Education is likely to be different- something more interactive- more on thought process, mental health, spirituality etc..
As far as the Fees are concerned, its unlikely people are going to pay fortune for this as its neither employment oriented nor people will be ready to pay their retirement fund here, We believe it'll more on the Surveys, Cross Education, Complimentary Retirement home service and other ways through which this will be achieved at the start, But as the generation moves- its likely to be collected during their employment period.

To be Continued..


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