MilesWeb Review: The Best Windows Shared Hosting Provider of 2021


 ‘Linux versus Windows’ is a most heated debate in many circles, along with web hosting. At last, your choice of Operating System (OS) is going to affect your server’s behavior and the way you can interact with it.

In some cases, you may not find the difference between using any of the OS on your server. But, if you’re planning to set up a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or using a dedicated one, it means you care about every last detail, including which platform to use.

In this article, you will learn about which OS your server should use, and how to make the right decision between Linux and Windows hosting options. Also, we have reviewed the best Windows shared hosting provider of India

Milesweb Review

Why it is Important to Select Server Operating System? 

  • Every computer needs an OS to function and similarly servers too. The choice of operating system can impact your way of interaction with your system, and in this case, there are two main contenders to choose from: Linux and Windows.
  • Basically, it is possible to run a website without knowing the type of OS your server is running. The reason is that chances are you will mostly spend all your time interacting with a Content Management System (CMS) or a hosting application such as cPanel or Plesk. But, there are some benefits of choosing what OS you’re going to use on your server, such as:
  • Some applications are only supportive with specific Os and the best example of this is cPanel (which only runs on Linux). Hence, for running specific software on your server, you’ll need to ensure that you pick a compatible OS.
  • With Linux servers, you get more customization options, which are useful if you’re a developer or a system administrator.
  • Each OS has a different behavior, and selecting yours allows you to customize your own experience.
  • Now, it should be noted that with shared hosting you are restricted to whatever your hosting provider offers you whereas with a VPS or Dedicated server, you get complete control. Therefore, you need to check the pros and cons for each of the two main options.

Linux and Windows Hosting Compared

While choosing an OS for a server, many people will recommend you to go with Linux without a second thought. The fact that Linux is the most popular choice these days can’t be denied, but it’s not the only feasible one.

Linux Hosting

You might already know that Linux is an open-source OS and is widely used by developers. It is also the top choice for hosting platforms.

Linux has become the first choice in the hosting world but it can’t be compared with Windows or MacOS when it comes to personal PCs. Below are the reasons for Linux being the most popular choice when it comes to servers:

  • High stability: Linux is popularly known for its stability as an OS. Being an open-source platform, it can be adjusted to almost any environment, and it’s constantly developing.
  • Enhanced security: This particular OS is generally considered to be secure as compared to Windows, because of its open-source nature.
  • Lower cost: Linux is free and so you don’t need to pay for a license if you want to set up Windows on one of your servers. It means hosting providers can save your money with cheaper plans.

Actually, one of the only disadvantages of choosing Linux as your server’s OS is that you need to keep yourself updated with its advanced version. You can easily learn about using the system, but for more detail usage, you’ll need to learn to handle its command line.

If you are an experienced developer or system administrator, then Linux is surely the best option for you. Even if you aren’t skilled, you can still opt for it if you are ready to learn about how to use the system.

Windows Hosting

Windows doesn’t needs to be introduced. Since it is used on your PCs, you already know it well.

Windows has a few advantages over Linux, including:

  • Easy to set up: If you’ve used both platforms, then you already know that Windows is easy to set up. Windows is easier to configure and set up as compared to Linux.
  • Easy to use the .NET framework: One can easily develop web applications using the .NET framework in a Windows-based environment.

Introduction to MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of the leading web hosting companies of India, established in 2012. They are an award-winning company and currently caters over 20,000 customers. They offer variety of web hosting solutions to meet the needs of all types of businesses. They offer both Linux and best Windows hosting in India services. Their customer support team offers 24/7 support to resolve technical queries via live chat and email. You get 99.95% uptime and 30 day money back guarantee with them.

Windows Shared Hosting Plans

Milesweb Plans


  • Register Your Free Domain
  • Migrate Your Website for Free
  • SSD Drive
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • 1-Click Installer
  • Secure Email
  • Programming and Database
  • Instant Account Setup

Customer Reviews

Milesweb Customer Reviews


MilesWeb Windows shared hosting plans are the best for your ASP.NET websites. They offer several features that enable you to host your website easily with their Windows hosting. 


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