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Search Engines are one of the best thing in the internet- It literally acts as your friend suggesting you the best websites for the query you ask. Google is undoubtedly one of best search engines in the internet. We always lookout for the features Google and Amazon is testing out as this can help us to understand the dynamics of the algorithm updates better. Presenting some of the beta features we found.


Earlier we had written an article on Significant flaws in Google Search, If you've not read- we suggest to read it before this post.

1. Suggestions below search bar based on recent activity

Google Recommendation for Apple

This is relatively new test update in google- About few months before the autosuggestions on google chrome and google search were highly customized as per the recent searches. Google is now trying out the same on suggestions below the search bar.

2. The Brand Protection

If there's one space where brands hate google - its allowing competitors to bid on brand name- The very idea on bidding on our brand keywords- paying for these ads to avoid competitors from poaching the brand customers is quite irky for the brands

Infact recently there are even court cases happening where brand asks google to stop allowing competitors to bid on brand keyword- MMT Google Ads Case against HappyEasyGO

The Results to the brand keywords in mobile seems to be changing starting from 

2a) Upto 6 sitelink in the brand ad on the dropdown

Note: After the 2017 Google Ads update- Google supports upto 8 sitelinks in mobile and 6 in Desktop, but this was very much limited to side scrolls like below

2b) Extended Organic Sitelinks with Description

With that being said, the ad or the organic results mostly covers the 75% of the Fold on Mobile device reducing the possibility of more than 1 competitor to poach the traffic (provided the users don't scroll down after the paid/organic result of your brand)

How will this impact your brand?

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