Realistic ways to get 60k views per month for your blog

Whether it's a Building brand value of business or your own personal brand online, blog is the most important way to get following, but how to get that initial traffic for your blog?

How to increase traffic to your blog

When i started blogging, i used to search online on how to get traffic, what I found is just keyword stuffed articles that is targeted to rank first in search engines. I then found out few ways to get good traffic to my new blog.

Realistic ways to get 60 Thousand visitors per month are

  • Firstly know your target audience, who likes to read your blog's articles.
  • Publish at least one article per day for first 30 days.


  • Join 100+ Facebook groups which targets your potential blog visitors and where you're allowed to post.
  • Share 1 article each day in all groups.
  • If you've joined best groups with active members, at least 10 visitors from each group will visit your blog, which accounts to 1000 visitors per day, 30k visitors per month, at least 50k views per month.
  • This is best if it's a multi Blogger blog, so that each one can promote in different groups.
  • Stop this after 1 month as Facebook may think your blog as spam if you repeat it for months.
  • Make sure the subscription widgets Gets user attention quickly, By a month, you should have got at least 500 subscribers and few Facebook page likes.


There are two ways to do Quora Marketing, while the first one focusses on getting traffic immediately, second one focusses on branding so as to get more and better traffic in long run.

Let's explore the first way first,Quora marketing is best way to get traffic to your blog. Write 3 answers a day which's related to your blog's niche. Include link to your blog wherever applicable. Please do not spam in Quora, your brand will get negative image.

  • Identify 100+ questions in your blog's niche that has 500+ follows, give a link to your blog's article in the middle or end of the article, ensure that the article is related to the answer.
  • Totally you'll get at least 100*100= 10-20k answer views, 5% will click on link, with 2-3 page views you'll get 1.5k views.
  • By this time you'll get good following if your answers are of high quality.
  • Additionally answer 3 answers per day, totally you'll get 3k-5k views per month.
  • As you continue writing quality answers which gets good number of upvote, it'll reach more audience and percentage of people who click on your blog also increases, thereby getting good traffic.

Coming to the second way, here are the tasks you should do.

  • Identify the exact niche and topics related to your blog that has high search volume.
  • Answer some 50 random question in a manner that user couldn't leave without pressing the upvote button. Keep in mind not to insert links in answers, it drastically reduces number of views your answer can get.
  • You'll now get requests to answer questions, keep answering until you're showered with upvotes and have atleast 4 digit number of followers, 
  • Now identify the high volume queries for which Quora is ranking for.
  • Now write answers to all these questions with link back to your blog.
  • Answer in best possible manner so that your answer ranks up first within Quora, so that you can get good amount of traffic to your blog.
Eg: Assume you identified keywords for which Quora is ranking in one of first 3 position.

Total volume of keywords per month: 1L
People who clicks and enters Quora: 65k
Assuming your answer is ranking in first position within Quora, Number of people, who will actually click on blog link: 7k.

Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google plus, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • With similar tactics used in Facebook, you can get decent 2-3k views per month from these sources if done right
  • LinkedIn is limited to business or employment related articles and Instagram works mainly for travelling blogs.

Push notifications subscribers, social media fan following, mail subscribers and by creating own groups/forums

Initially your blog won't get good traffic, as number of fans will be low, at the end of first month, you'll get other 3-4k views from it.

You may get additional 1k views from referral, search engines and direct traffic.

If the quality of articles is extremely great, you can expect decent number of social shares which contributes to 1-2k views in a month.

Yes your blog has good fan following and good reputation with your readers.

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  1. How do i find that 100+ Fb groups??

    1. Hi Kayra,
      Finding Facebook groups are relatively easy, you can search for keywords in Facebook and you can find tons of Facebook groups, more group you join, more recommendations you get, hope it helps :)

  2. Its a nice tips! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog. Would you walking back to my blog too? So many thanks ❤

    1. Thanks Adriana, sure I'll be visiting your blog

    2. Your tip to join 100+ Facebook group is not relevant. Nowadays they started blocking immediately. I have tried this.
      But other tips are definitely workable especially Quora.
      The most workable tip I like to add is, publish SEO rich quality article regularly
      Anyway thanks for sharing.

    3. Hi Prasanna, Facebook Algorithms work in such a way as to show most relevant posts to the users.
      If the audience of groups continues to interact well with the post, your blog will not be blocked at all. It highly depends on the quality and relevancy of the group, i myself have followed this and my blog is not yet blocked.
      SEO takes time to yield results, the tips are mainly for new blogs.
      Hope it helps, Thank you!!

  3. Hi Harish, those are great tips! I loved how you presented them. I am a big fan of using Quora for content marketing. I've stopped using it for a few weeks now, but I still get hundreds of views for the answers I've written months ago. It's awesome how effective it can be. Also, your tips about using social media is important. Facebook and other platform can ban your blog if they see it as spam. So, it must be done very carefully. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Stefan,
      Yes Quora is one of most powerful media for content marketing,and Facebook groups should be chosen in such a way that most of the members falls under your target audience, so that your articles get maximum user engagement and this cannot be classified as spam by Facebook

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